Wall Coverings as a Protagonist in 2020: Motifs That Evoke Nature

Wall coverings are without a doubt an interior trend that has been growing more and more popular and will continue to do so. Whatever may be your home decor style, wall coverings offer incredible versatility. It’s also the most amazing way to add the oomph factor to a space, be it small or big – from living rooms to walk-in-closets wallpapers are perfect for everything. The type of wallpaper that sits quietly in the background is taking a back seat in 2020. It will be a year for bold statements when it comes to your decor. 

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In 2020, bold has replaced boring in many ways and maximalism has arrived. A wallpaper that hides behind in the background is no longer trending as to decorate house walls. It is the time for bold expressions in home decor and therefore naturally also in wall decor. 2020 decor trends have shown a consistency in bringing nature home; flower- styled and nature-style wallpapers have made a come-back this year, having significantly influenced home décor. Here are a few of our favourite wallpaper designs.

Gradient Wall Coverings

Speaking of the trend, gradient wall coverings will be extensively used by the designers, as it allows you to use many shades at the same time. The color should be chromatic to the last shade of the gradient “palette” to achieve the intended impact.

The most unusual gradients are also possible. For example, a smooth flow of navy in teal or deep purple in blue. However, such wallpapers should be used for the living room appropriately and in metered quantities.

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Wallpaper trends in 2020 propose warm colours that stand to be inviting and welcoming. Grey and blues find themselves in the back seat, while corals, terracotta, sage greens and warm grey reign. Wall decor accents also make a way onto house walls in earthy-tones – browns, mustards, golds and so on. These colours can be mixed & matched with various design styles to win yourself a unique combination.

Chintzy Wall Covering Design

The new Chintz look is all about sophistication and style. The Chintzy wall covering designs feature brightly colourful, bold florals spread across your house walls. The chintz adds colour and class to your previously dull and boring walls without making them gaudy. The picture poses The Plum Blossom Wall Decor Design portraying the chintzy style against a warm, sage green background.

Image Courtesy : Graham Brown

Tropical Wallpaper Designs

The world is becoming more and more sustainable and wallpapers are not far behind either. Connecting nature with human life has been sensitively received by many and what could be a better way to merge the two by embracing wallpapers that display tropical and botanical motifs. Welcoming these wall covering designs are a great way to add the calming & nurturing natural element to your home decor. The following image flaunts a Palm Wall covering harmonised with the colours of fabrics and upholsteries

Image Courtesy : fototapet.com


Metallic textures take wall covering designs and the whole home décor them at large to a whole new level. They perfectly dissolve the austerity of a minimalist living room or bedroom. Metal-like wall decor covers the house into an industrial yet luminous flavour, making a old yet unpretentious statement. It is a great choice for those who are creative, attracted to contemporary motifs and like to take risks. Metallic wallpapers look interesting. And the rougher their texture, the better. They can decorate the loft interior, combining with “brickwork”. Also, The Copper- Bronze wall decor achieves a luxurious, warm and inviting feel to the space.

Image Courtesy : Brewster Wall Coverings


Mural decor trends have been in style since quite a while and so have mural wallpapers. From placidly aesthetical flowers and textures to ethereal vistas, murals put your walls centre stage and offer a variety of remarkable statements for your walls. Mural wall decor is a heart-winning option – their large-scale floral prints accomplish quite the distance between modern and vintage, bridging the two in perfect harmony. However, these can be an expensive affair but they are definitely a way to go to instantaneously create a moody, floaty and unique space. The good news is that murals are available in a plethora of themes, from fun, abstract to natural and geometric. We believe there’s always a perfect mural wall covering for every space in your home!

Image Courtesy : Andrew-Martin
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