The dining room is one of the most important spaces in your room as that is the place where you spend most of the time with your family, friends, or colleagues. That is why feeling comfortable and happy in that space is very important. Taking everything into account it is important that it is a space full of beauty, luxury, and an inspiring design so that you can feel rejuvenated.

So, we’re taking you through the Top 10 essentials for a glamorous dining room.

Grand chandelier

Light is the most important part to keep in mind for this setup. Use a grand chandelier with plenty of arms, instead of a clustered pendant light. Choose the right color of light that is, which suits the rest of your interior.

Table styling

Layering is a trick to beautify your table setup. If you are using a candelabra, use the ones with different heights. The same goes for fresh flower vases and various metallic accents and votives. High contrast shades such as Black and Gold will create a visual punch on your table setup.

Dining furniture finish & style

To have a glamorous setting in your dining room, choose a furniture with dark wood finish, as it works well for a dining place when compared to Matte polish.

Wing chairs

Nothing says grand more than wing-back chairs. You can choose to have all wing chairs or just have two head chairs in this style. If you’re going with the latter, ensure the other chairs have a shiny, metallic finish.

Upholstery fabrics

Choose the baroque route, if you want your dining space to be very glamorous. In case you’ve used a wing-back chair setup, upholster the head chairs in elaborate patterns, while the rest you can cover with a lid colored velvet or velvet-finish fabric.


Wallpapers covers the maximum area and Is a good option if you are looking for varieties of patterns and aesthetically pleasing designs.


In crockery, choose options such as metallic rims and sophisticated patterns. However, don’t choose too much tacky designed crockery, as it can end up looking gaudy.

High console

Invest in a high console/sideboard. Apart from storage, you can also use the top to display artworks and artifacts in such a way that it weaves a story to create a focal point.

Wall décor

Choose some light colours to decorate your walls and avoid using too much bling to it.


Balance the whole look with a carpet. If your look is too subtle, choose a over-the-look carpet and vice-versa if your space already has a too much kind of look.

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