Located in the prime yet peaceful locality of Nigdi, Pune, the Penthouse consisted of Living area, 3 Bedrooms, with attached Toilets & attached Terraces on the 3rd floor & a large Terrace of equal area above. The client, a Chartered accountant by profession desired to break away from the order & formality demanded out of his work & craved for a home that would be Rustic, informal & very different from the usual.

The young couple looked for a lounge like relaxed feel amidst nature. The budget was a constraint & we accepted it as a challenge. The clients gave us the freedom to be as innovative as possible with the materials & design.

The Design is Minimal.

It weaves the elements of nature as water, sunlight, shadows & plants with unconventional & sustainable materials to create a Rustic feel. It encourages the users to feel the seasons, welcome the birds enjoy the rains & watch the moon.

The unnecessary have been eliminated. So, there is no False ceiling. Electrical wires are exposed. Rope loops, bamboos & designed grooves replace regular handles to Doors & storage shutters. Lighting is of barren bulbs hung with ropes, or custom made out of jute, cane & abandoned, Bird’s nests. Split Bamboos become water spouts.

•Exposed fly ash bricks as ‘Jali’ for parapet walls.
•Raw, broken Stone slabs picked up from discarded dumps at source for Table tops, Basin Counters, Shelves, Deck by the water body & as stepping stones
•Raw logs of wood for tables, book rack & their remainders for lamps & name plates
•Bamboos for Ceilings, Pergolas, as Screen to hide plumbing pipes, as Door handles, & as hanging Planters
•Jute for wall Paneling, Lamp shades, Planters, Poofs,Rugs & Mats. Cane baskets as lamps.
•Ropes have been used abundantly as screens, false ceiling, mirror frames, to hang lamps & decorative frames, as shutter handles.
•Welded mesh as partition / screen


The two isolated terraces attached to the individual bedrooms were bridged by casting a new slab to accommodate a shallow water body. The water re circulates & also helps in passive cooling.

Openings to the Master Bedroom & Study have been enlarged to open out the Home towards north as much as possible to let in pleasant light. The windows have been relocated to suck in breeze from west & also to feel the presence of the existing well grown, profusely flowering Spathodea trees.

The other bedroom on North becomes a Study to work from home. It overlooks the Water body. Thus, the entire Private realm of the home has been integrated as a large seamless space for Work, Sleep &Relax. The upper Terrace has bamboo trellis with vines to protect the rooms below from direct heat of the sun.

The work at site had to stop at Civil work stage due to the Pandemic. The Design details got further fine-tuned through a series of Hand drawn sketches during the Lock down period. The work started with great Team spirit once the Karigars returned from their Home towns. Timing & work strategies were meticulously planned to have not more than two persons working at one space for safety. The Project got managed remotely to a large extent initially. The completed site was handed over to the Happy clients before Diwali.

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