The house greets with a beautifully handcrafted Basalt stone Tulsi Vrindavan & Devali artifacts bringing positive energy into the house through the French door. The design style of the house is modern with elements that exhibit the Colonial style of interiors. There are two layers of entrance foyers leading to the family room. We have created elements along the passage like consoles and racks where the owners can display their artifact collection.

The main living space is divided into two zones: the first one is a formal living room where the owners can entertain their friends and family. It also has an attached terrace which can become a spill-over space. The second one is a TV lounge for the owners to enjoy their family time while watching their favorite movies. The living room has huge picture windows with a panoramic view of the sky and natural light pouring into the space making it pleasant and atmospheric. The cooking zone is connected to the passage giving easy access to the living room. The dining is connected to the kitchen in a cozy corner as the client wishes for it to be a private dining space.

The Guest room is designed to act as a multi-purpose space with a Sofa bed to make the room more spacious. The Master bedroom is the highlight of the house designed in the client’s favorite colonial style with a four-poster bed and wooden flooring. The room transforms into a lively yet intimate abode of character, a room that compliments the owner’s individuality. The owners have two children. Their room has been designed with two beds giving each child its own personal space. The room has been divided into two spaces: The study area with an attached wardrobe and a sleeping space with a little play corner.

We think of the apartment as a plain canvas that the owner can fill it with their collection of painting and artifacts. We selected traditional and Turkish carpets to add character to the spaces. The design was done with a thorough understanding of how the homeowners envisioned the usage of the space, along with paying the utmost attention to details in designing.

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