The project is ingeniously and pertinently named as Green Office, located in Ichalkaranji in a small town in Maharashtra. Ichalkaranji falls in a Hot and dry climatic zone with a warm and humid monsoon and is famous for textiles. The design of the office is based on climatic-responsive architecture. The plot area is facing the road in the south-east direction. The “Square” shape space is available for designing the office. The office is designed to be in harmony in nature which is our design philosophy. We wanted to have the feel of nature while doing work, having interaction with the clients because the human response was better in nature. The office is designed to have ample daylight and ventilation.

Hence, the planning was designed to have an entrance courtyard, waiting area, discussion room, cabin with adjacent vertical garden, studio, pantry, etc. The entrance is designed in wire-cut brick to have a vernacular and rustic look which gives a warm welcome. The wire-cut brick avails to maintain the temperature and reduce the rigorous sunrays. The entrance further opens to a courtyard area having a sky-light open to the sky with an amalgamation of rustic- tiles and pebbles. The water-body, in the form of a pool, located strategically in the landscape of the courtyard, accommodates as an interface between the built and open spaces and also helps in optimizing the microclimate. The wall here is designed to have clay-jali for ventilation.

The metal artifact resembling the symbol of the sun adds up to the resplendence of the area. Here the railing in the courtyard area is done in teak wood engendering a vernacular effect. Here the rough textured concrete-like wall gives a rustic look and vernacular effect. As we enter the office, we have Lord Ganesha statue with a black marble backdrop in the waiting area which gives a warm welcome and integrates serenity. Here plywood with deco-paint and back partial transparent glass engenders a unique play of pattern in the waiting area which is an attention grabber. The flooring here is done in rustic grey tiles which gives a matt-finish concrete-like look in the area. Adjacent to the waiting area we have a reception area. Here the uniquely designed contemporary style table integrates up to the comeliness of the area. Artificial Kalinga stone is utilized for the tabletop. The vertical garden above the reception area pacifies the area. The reception area further opens to the cabin of the Principal Architect which is designed towards the south. Here vertical garden is used for soothing the temperature in the area and clay-jali is used for ventilation.

The indoor plants in the vertical garden are selective used such as oxycardium green, oxy Cardium gold, Syngonium pink van, the song of jamaica, clorofitum, rohiyo, etc. These plants give more oxygen in comparison to others. The discussion room is designed adjacent to the waiting area. Glass in this area helps to create visual connectivity with the waiting area and courtyard. The customized table is designed to have the top done in artificial white Kalinga stone with contrasting chairs. The modern vertical contemporary style shelf is designed on one wall which makes a quiet impression in the area. These shelves are multifarious and can be used for books, photographs, artwork, ornaments, or a simple vase of flowers. The hand painting done by Designer Deepali Pise is withal an attention grabber in the area. The bronze–cycle book holder adjusts itself in the area. Moving further two-steps down, we have a 250 sq. ft spacious and cheerful studio area. Here the flooring is done in the rustic theme and the play of colors in the area engenders a cheering atmosphere for the employees. Being Architects office attention has been given to storage spaces, where the documents can be kept. Here glass is utilized to have visual connectivity in between the studio and principal cabin.

The dining area is designed with a minimalistic approach. The contemporary style table here allows employees to have their food. The visual connectivity within the entire office is achieved with the help of glass, allowing the office to look big and grand. Embossing of slogans such as exceptional design for exceptional spaces has been done on the glass to keep the environment motivated. It requires the practicality of office space design, with the flexibility of the architect that not only inspires creativity but also fosters the client’s vision into the subconscious of the inhabitants – whether semi-permanent such as the employees or transitionary or temporary such as the clients who visit. Thriving on the belief that sustainable development links the environment, the economy, and society, we believe that workplaces are largely responsible for spearheading the move towards sustainable development. The office is specifically developed to serve as one such example for ‘Green Education’. Overall the office is designed as a Green office carrying all the green features.

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