Every Design entails stringent measures to follow client guidelines, especially when it comes to limited spaces with excessive requirements.
The Crisis Box is both a process and a result.
The process of identifying all the needs of a commercial space according to the function. Organizing and assembling those needs in a given space is the tangible result. The space available was 230 sq.ft.(including ground + first floor)
The Salon and Spa, aesthetically brings a welcoming and relaxing ambience to every customer that visits, whether it’s for fifteen minutes or the whole day for their special occasions.

The colour scheme makes a mark on the brand and the experience they provide which will always co-relate to the visitor’s perfect experience of the space.
The challenge was to fit many activities in such a small area so that maximum output can be achieved. The yellow and gray color theme plays a vital role to create a fresh impact on the client’s mindset.

Almost 8-9 activities were fitted in the given area with an appropriate anthropometry and space to move around. The waiting area with 4-5 chairs is at 0.00mm level which leads to the nail art/reception and styling area which is -300.00 mm. A squared glass partition acts a screen between nail art, styling area, and pedicure-manicure area. A small washroom area is added and hair-wash chair adjacent to it and a small pantry + wash hand basin counter below the open white fabricated staircase.
The complete white staircase visually enhances the space and leads to the spa-therapy area with proper storage for the same. The bridal make-up room is 2 steps down from spa area having mirrors on the two walls which creates the depth.

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