“The Collective” Laminate & Venner studio By Mrs. Prachi & Mr.Yogesh Vilas Gholap


The Collective, a 1,500 Sq.ft display center/showroom located in the Timber Market, is Pune’s first veneer & laminate showroom to use a European theme. The showroom’s design allows an effortless display of more than 700 sheets of exclusive laminate and 500 veneers. The showroom’s European theme is a complete world of veneer & laminate of every kind, despite the compact size. The clear demarcation of the areas for all laminate & veneer needs is noticeable. The visible use of the products being sold here adds to the saleability. A precise yet comfy setup has made the showroom a buyer’s paradise.


Regarding The collectives, the brief from the client was that the showroom should have a luxurious feel to it and any client entering the showroom must be lost in this world. The client should feel this is THE place for his/her every need. As the location of the showroom is the very crowded & chaotic Timber Market, the client should be able to do his/her buying without any trouble from outside.


If you notice the showroom front, it resembles a European shop or even an elegant cafe. It exudes European charm and chic. The soothing muted yale blue colour front looks more inviting with the muted lighting. Black granite steps is quite inviting. Once you enter the showroom, you obviously notice the use of a single colour laminate, along with B/W floor.
The showroom has been divided into laminate & veneer section. A MS frame & glass partition in the middle divides the area, creates visibility and allows no disturbance. Both the areas come with leather sofa. The wooden staircase in the middle has been given Duco paint. The roof is created from wooden coloured cement fibre plants. A two-tone coloured cassette structure has been created from pine wood. The furnitue is a good mix of raw wooden tables, metal trunks and leather stools.
Products in the laminate section are displayed with laminate sliding and opening shutter cassette format. The cassette format showcases exclusive products in the centre. Both sides have products for the clients to see. Wooden wall frames showcases product features. A console table created keeps the product samples and shade cards, and doubles as the discussion table.
The veneer section uses the racking system, complete with 2 selection areas. A TV screen displays the product range and their applications. Located on a higher level, it has used real wooden flooring. Some other features include provision to store around 12 veneers and display the artefacts above, including veneer samples.


You will find exposed brick cladding, along with polished wooden steps. A dummy fireplace with exposed brick work created has a TV screen above for showcasing the product range. A place with pantry counter with coffee machine has also been created.

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