Our House, the house of our dreams owing to this we wanted to do something different. With this thought process, we commenced the planning. As everyone had the curiosity as to how the architect house is going to be, turned out to be the biggest challenge to us.

The site, context, and climate
The project is located in Ichalkaranji, a small town in Maharashtra. Ichalkaranji is famous for textile – known as Manchester of India. Ichalkaranji falls in the hot and dry climate zone with the warm and humid monsoon.
The plot is surrounded by roads on the three sides viz south, west, and east. Adjacent to our plot area on the west side there is open space and to take the advantage of this we decided to engender a garden area. The major bedrooms are also designed to face the west side to have maximum ventilation and a view of the garden. The planning is based on the central courtyard. Ground and the first floor are connected to each other through the central courtyard. Each and every space of the house is designed to have ample natural light and ventilation throughout the day. As one enters the house, one can feel the fusion of timeless architectural design with modern and simple interior spaces created.

Project Brief
Use of garden at the west side for natural ventilation and cooling effect throughout the day Central open to sky water body maintains the temperature of the house during hot climate. A horizontal louver covers a large area of balconies at the south helping in reducing the harsh effect of direct sunlight giving continuous ventilation. Granite tiles in combination with wall cladding to the south-west façade help in maintaining the temperature and giving a cooling effect throughout. Open to sky performs a major activity for the house such as central part of the house, staircase, walk-INN wardrobes, master toilet, and giving natural light to each part of the house. Granite used in the exterior steps and verandah on the south side gives a cooling effect. Solar energy, rainwater harvesting, drip irrigation system, vertical garden, central courtyard are the key features used.

Central Courtyard
The courtyard is 14’* 8’ in size. The focal point of the house is the central courtyard and big open to the sky at the center of the house which allows pouring in natural sunlight throughout the day. Due to this a positive energy flow throughout the day in the house. The courtyard is designed with traditional court-yard theory by giving modern effects and amenities. The courtyard is designed to have a central water body to keep the temperature cool. The northern sidewall in the courtyard is designed to have beautiful birds flying from west to east adds up to the beauty.

Green Features
Use of Natural Light.
Use of drip irrigation
Use of solar energy.
Rain-water harvesting.
Sustainable office design.
Use of water-body.
Internal Landscape.

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