Summer 2020 – How to Liven Up Your Home Décor

The temperature is high and the flowers have bloomed. Hello Summer!

Summer is the season for a change and an interior makeover. This season interior designers can jive to earthy tones and muted hues. During this season the trending colours and shades are palatable. Navy blue and raw wood are coming back.

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Earthy Tone and Feel

Altogether, this season is about welcoming the rough edges, natural textures and a relaxed natural feel. Pay attention to all the naturally available things like timber, wool, stone, natural fibres and woven textures like jute and rattan. Smash a little from the outdoor hues to create those cosy spaces. Adapt towards crafted, handmade, artisan pieces.

Update any blank spaces by decorating with plants in color- coordinated planters. Summer is the best time to bring the beautiful nature indoors by adding plants and flowers on book shelves, table tops and empty furniture pieces. Remember to keep it fresh.

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Organic Galore

Raw wood with clear matte or grey stain color is still very stylish. Designers are in awe of natural materials being used in the furniture and clearly sustainability is not just a trend but has become a lifestyle now. The eco-friendly furniture can be accessorised by planters and earthy hues. The natural furniture is a classic charm and is extremely durable. Change darker winter accessories with fresh, earthy and pastel hues. Look out for blue, soft pink, lemon yellow to make your home Easter-ready with pastel shades.

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Pastel Arcade

Since summer season has a lot of organic influence, we can expect earthy and pastel shades being used. Change darker winter accessories with fresh, earthy and pastel hues. Look out for soft pink, terracotta, burnt orange and mustards, muted blues, soft greens as well as various neutral tones like clay, mushroom and sand. These colors would be seen in wall paint, cushion fabric, décor, accessories and more.

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Many people are uneasy with experimenting a lot of colors and hence stick to the basics. But with careful planning with the designer colour can be an element of surprise and transform your home completely. 

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Coral Hues

Corals and living corals are energizing and full of life. Corals are usually pink and orange undertone whereas living coral has a golden undertone. This makes the house look beautiful as both the tones compliment each other. Get your home a spring fix, by mixing textured coral-hues furniture with patterned pillows for added depth and summer vibes. Coral hues bring in the coolness of the ocean.

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Monochromatic Interiors

This summer is all about being bold and monochromatic in the shades of cobalt blue, warm reds and jade greens. So, if you need a noticeable change in your house bold monochrome is just for you. To complete the look, use one shade as it can have an endearing and striking effect to your space.

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Summer Dining Room

A floral centrepiece is stunning on its own, but it really shines when placed on top of a garden-inspired tablecloth. Even if you prefer to keep things simple, let the chair cushions add a pop of color to your dining room. Make a bold statement by painting the kitchen island a striking red hue. Complete it with neutral bar stools for a toned down (but equally gorgeous) look.

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Brass Intonation

Since a few months brass has been slowly but definitely gaining popularity.  Just in time for the new design season we’re getting ready to see brass accessories topping the chart and adding a bit of the fluke to homes everywhere! Brass looks great in all types of hardware, from tapware, to door handles, light fixtures and across a variety of décor pieces.

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Seasonal Accessories

With yellow curtains, flowers, and decorative pieces, give any room the sunshine treatment. Incorporate everything that the season has to offer — bright colors and fresh greens — into your living space with patterned throw pillows and indoor plants.

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