Suhani lal Sanghra

Suhani lal Sanghra, is an alumnus of Sir J.J College of Architecture, Mumbai with over 15 years of experience in architecture and interior design of large scale residential, commercial and hospitality projects. She is the principal architect at “Spare Design ” a multidisciplinary award-winning design firm at Pune.

Suhani has worked in various parts of the country and has travelled widely in India and abroad to explore the world of architecture and design.

Her academic work has been nominated for the Charles Correa and the V.S Gore gold medals.

She has worked at well-known design firms on cutting edge projects for several years before starting her own practice. She is recognized for her personally tailored Client specific designs that use a burst of colours and textures and use of new materials, techniques and engineering details. She is an active member in various design portals and organizations like IIA, 111D, AESA and many more.

Stories from the site :

After each completed project we document and shoot our sites, cherishing the completion and celebrating the spaces one last time before our esteemed clients move into their abode. It is a bittersweet farewell, may times one is so involved, it leaves a feeling of emptiness as the last month or more always involves a lot of commitment.

It is always fun to then let the world know about how the entire project was conceptualised. Here in this project more than talking about the project in totality, I would like to talk about the stories around a few nooks corners and elements of design and why the design is the way it is. This is also an example of how involved the Client herself was and how close we could adhere to her choices.

The living room wall:

The lady of the house is extremely fond of metallics. She was very specific about white and metallic elements being an important feature in the living room.

On a trip to source artefacts, we chanced upon these metal cut murals, it was an instant decision after having gone through multiple others for this to be used as the double-height space mural. The metal mural is juxtaposed against a dark grey texture stone background, however, the stone we liked was a little short of the actual site measurements. The stone was then cleverly placed such that the junction where the stone falls short is the place where the murals overlap, hence creating this diagonal mural design.

Silver chair and chandelier:

With the mural and backdrop in place, the corner window and double-height have been conceptualised with elements to frame the seamless corner glass window. The 11ft. chandelier aims to pull together the chrome of the mural and the chair to tie up the entire composition together. White sheers and mains highlight and open the space further.

Entertainment room accent chair corner:

The family is very fond of entertaining and the entertainment room is well-equipped space with a state of the art home theatre and a fully loaded pantry. This corner of the entertainment room has a black and gold velvet accent chair. The corner creates a statement as it reinstates its metallic splendour with a gold metallic table, a floor lamp and a throw.

This also creates a statement as one enters the house being visible right from the main entrance porch.

Let’s get some coffee :

The Clients love for coffee translates into an art form – a sculpture of a cup, spilling out coffee and creating an artwork on a glass which forms a partition between the dining and the kitchen space. To retain the 3-dimensional quality, the sculptural cup is visible on either side with the glass sandwiched in between.

Bathroom luxury:

A bathroom, large or small, can easily become a luxurious, modern sanctuary for function and relaxation. Geometric shapes, clean lines, minimal colours, crystal mirror work, niches enhanced with mirror and lighting detail and backlit feature walls extend into the bathrooms to tie up the luxurious feel retaining the hints of metallic.

A modern traditional mandir:

The mandir is strategically located, the entire mandir overlooking into the living space. A traditional modern blend, two delicate crystal chandeliers frame the main idol, the sidewall is highlighted with niches. The underlit onyx flooring is yet another detail the client was keen on even though this is a relatively simple installation – however due to various teams working on-site the installation had to be corrected a few times to get rid of the glare it created, yet again creating its own story.

It is beautiful, how these stories create experiences and also the best memories.

In all, during the course of the making of a project- each person associated, always has a takeaway­ for me the takeaway was dwelling deep into the family’s lifestyle – despite the disagreements, the Client always made sure I got my cup of piping hot sugar-free coffee, we shared an excellent bond over travelling, shopping and evenings spent together leading to so many new opportunities and the client always backing me up and being a well-wisher and brand ambassador for me.

Feel grateful to have been given the opportunity to create their dream home and form bonds for life!

The above article is a joint effort by Ideasscape & Family Interiors Magazine to promote vocal for local. The content and images have been sourced from Family Interiors Magazine.

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