Sanvina Farms By Parag Ainchwar

Sanvina Farms – a delicately designed farmhouse on a 10-acre estate near Karjat. Site is at a picturesque location and is surrounded by a wild mountain meadow sloping down to a wooded shadowy gully with a flowing brook.

The clients are from Mumbai and wanted a weekend getaway.

The design was conceived with the idea of a weekend house with a unique view of the peaks of the Mountain range. The view of the mountains and surroundings is central to the concept and was to be restricted as little as possible. Blending heaviness and lightness, architecture embodies simplicity with the resemblance of hills behind whereas interiors are heavy with an ornamental style and antique-looking furniture.

The home’s modest palate is dashed with colour that pops and converses throughout the whole farmhouse. The simple spiral steel staircase leads to a mezzanine floor in the living room which has a library and a beautiful landscape view.

Tucked away midst the ghats, amidst art and the open skies and underneath the clear skies and warm homely interiors, all one can do is surrender to the ambience and simply experience the now.

The undisrupted surrounding landscape around the house continues to flow almost unnoticed.

The client speaks ‘It is so good to be home in such a wonderful space, warm, light-filled and so colourful’.

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