Sanlayan By Ar. Aditya Jayant Begampure

“Sanlayan: Building Sustainable relation through experience”

ABDS’s fundamental philosophy for the Customer Experience Center @ Pune; comprises a vision of providing a utilitarian informative, engaging, and space for sales & purchasing experience for customers which is creative and sustainable. Having a sustainable path for planning, designing, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition is becoming the number one priority for businesses of various organizations worldwide and ABDS has followed the same path while composing spaces per the competition requirements. ABDS has been on the sustainable bandwagon for a long time now, we focused on finding better ways of executing sustainable strategies without affecting the quality, and function of the customer experience center.

Below are the goals we have accomplished while designing the experience center; keeping in mind the theme “Sanlayan” and maintain and sustain the sales office without causing further harm to the existing environment.

• Indoor Environmental Quality – ABDS has used Indoor Green spaces and vertical garden concepts to support and boost mood and raise productivity also reduce noise levels by reflecting, refracting as well as absorbing acoustic energy.
• Modern energy sourced Light – Unobstructed 80% use of the front glass wall for bringing in the natural lights. ABDS specifically used white color for the interior because it has a higher reflective index. So whatever natural light gets inside the building stays inside and doesn’t get absorbed in darker colors.
• Capital & Energy Efficient Ventilation – ABDS had proposed the use of Jet AC; it is an economically viable option than conventional Tower.
• Sustainable Landscape – ABDS has embraced the Miyawaki forestation method in contrast to the conventional technique of plantation, which allows the gardener to plant more plants in smaller spaces.
• Use of guppy fish in the water body around the building helps control mosquitoes.

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