Sanjay Bobade

Office History:

INTEARA is a Contemporary Mumbai based interior designing studio. it combines imagination and creativity to develop luxury interior and architectural projects. Established in 1992 by SANJAY BOBADE. The studio has redefined how people live through a series of bespoke and innovate works, each of which has a definite sense of place.

SANJAY BOBADE. (B.F.A.lnterior designer, sir J.J.School of Arts, Mumbai in1991)

After gaining excellent experience working with some finest firm’s of Mumbai based designer’s, also achieved many state art awards for creative designs.

Has made his identity in the field of designing And covered more than 900 different type of project’s which includes Residential, Commercials, Corporate firms, Educational institutions, Exhibitions

We aspire to thoughtful elegant contemporary interiors, that fulfils complex programmatic and operational needs, and professional services that exceed our clients’ expectations for the delivery of substance and value.


Modern interiors provide us with an optimistic view of contemporary life while complementing its context with the exploration of other essential values that are of our time: Program, Technology, Sustainability, Collaboration, and Image. With these basic issues in mind, we strive to create works of beauty and elegance that enhance any environment.

Site & Context

Our primary site goal is to create a strong sense of “place,” by enhancing or transforming the existing site in a unique and provocative way. Whether Residential, commercial, Entertainment, Hospitality or the open landscape, we search the context of each project individually for clues that inspire a formal idea about issues of the organization, scale, and location that provoke a strong dialogue with its setting.

Concept Note

A’BIZZARE AFFAIR’ was the byline for this commercial office project ‘CHETRA’- an international specialist in providing high-quality mechanical seals.

It had to be an open flow office with a trendy and flamboyant concept. The thought behind the concept was to make it ‘OUT OF THE ORDINARY’ which was achieved by using multiple materials, exposed ceilings, vibrant colour scheme, irregular shapes, graffiti resembling storage finishes, ropes, accentuating light fixtures, listing a few amongst the rest, interpreting to suit the requirements of the project and making each element stand-out and creating its own statement.

While the skills were conventional, the design sensibility show-cased the ‘FLAMBOYANT INTERPRETATION’ of the concept in a subtle yet evocative manner.

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