An interior of 3BHK or 1365 sq. ft. carpet area, in the western suburbs of Mumbai.
When the client approached us, he had only 3 conditions for the designing – namely, first – to have an open kitchen, second – to have lots of play area for kids, and third – it should be different. With the budget constraints that we had, we thought of playing with colors and textures. Color palettes used here are – blue, burgundy, green with grey color used as the base color which is common in all rooms as a neutral element to other brighter colors which add the sparkle.

An open window from the living to the kitchen is created; with the cantilevered dining table in marble is set up in such a way that the table can be used in multipurpose ways. Striking blue-colored texture paint is used on the walls and chairs with a floral pattern to dilute the same. Burgundy color is used at the entrance and corridor walls which again stand out due to the use of stone textured laminate. Sofas in royal blue color to gel with the harmony of the texture paint, and red and grey single-seater are used for the visual transformation of color from blue to burgundy.

Grey wood veneer and the green color palette are used for the master bed. To enhance more, a bronze mirror is used on one wall near the study table. Filing boxes are created above the study table are again given different colors to reduce the rigidity of the boxes. A very subtle and soothing brown and gold combination is used in the parents’ bedroom. Blue-black, the grey color palette is given for kids, and a bunk bed is made to give more floor space, while the wardrobe is designed in such a way that the lower space is used to keep toys and another part is used for school bags and clothes. On the other hand, the study table and dressing are connected to each other to show as one unit, then a cluttered space. Blue and black colors used in kids’ rooms also represent knowledge and power to grow. One of the most important areas of the flat is the kitchen which is designed as per the detailed requirements from the client; even the smallest basket or accessory such as the knife holder or the wine glass holder was kept in mind and detailed out during the execution.

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