This 4BHK luxurious interior of 1670 sq. ft in the suburbs of Mumbai is a classic example of minimalistic design and a monochromatic color palette.
A small waiting area is created at the entrance with onyx on the back wall. Onyx stone is arranged in such a way that the stone, itself creates a self-pattern being backlit in some parts. A wooden ceiling is created from the entry that visually connects all rooms together.
This spacious living-dining is again made visually larger, with the use of a brown mirror on the living sidewall.
T.V. unit wall is finished with a darker shade of textured paint. This darker shade on the wall opposite the windows will reduce the reflection of direct sunlight and create a warmer feel inside the room.

Theme with a darker shade of brown colored veneer is used in the master bedroom, straight lines are used in a different way to create minimalism in the room. Headboard panel with slim lights in vertical grooves while stainless steel Patti on the opposite wall, behind the TV unit, is used. Small pockets are created in the TV unit as the client had a collection of artifacts and books. A separate dressing room within the toilet is created. This master toilet also has a steam unit, is cladded with brown marble.
Both the daughters of the client had almost opposite choices and selections. Hence, We gave them different options from which, first room with wood and marble was finalized which became a brown color base while the other daughter’s room was finalized with a blackish veneer and black marble.

Wooden look also has been specially designed in Ribbed pattern which is used as a backdrop of bed, and for TV unit – a combination of ribbed wood and marble is used. Wardrobe shutters are 9 ft. high and are finished in brown mirror and ribbed wood itself to give a longer look with balanced proportions. A dressing area with transparent brown-colored glass shutters is used.
Other daughter’s bedroom is designed with the composition of small rectangles with veneer and black mirror. This room has a smaller balcony as compared to the other rooms. Black mirror is used towards window to give a longer look to the whole room.

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