Renovation & Interior designing By Ar Ajinkya Niphadkar

Dr. Siddhapur is a renowned doctor in the PCMC area, who was looking for a peaceful life in his bungalow. His bungalow was designed in 1985, with lots of emotions and now he and his family was planning for a modern, elegant habitat. As they do have a lot of emotions with the Vaastu, we as designers planned not to change the structure & it was a big task. After a lot of effort, we perfectly ended with a combination of old Vaastu & modern looks. Our conceptual sketches got special attention from the client. Designing of the whole project was based on harmony, asymmetrically balanced compositions & color theories with maximum focus on Vaastushastra. With the help of organization principles i.e. axis & focus, all the spaces were clustered together. Golden rectangle proportion was used for few rooms to achieve maximum comfort.
The use of all design theories on site helped us in creating a wonderful Interior space & Happy client.

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