Neoclassical Interior Style – The Elegance of the 18th Century


STYLE is to do something with a procedure or manner it is done/created. Style is something which will elevate your designing skills. Interior design is a process that provides its customers with a set of aesthetically pleasing but efficient solutions for a better use of the space. The goal of interior design is to improve the user experience by better managing the space available in the intervened environment .Using a particular style will not only elevate the design but work aesthetically. So, here I present my favourite style.


NEO-CLASSICAL architecture during 18th &19th century was quiet a famous. It was characterized by geometric forms, greek & roman details on columns & walls,it was discovered in 18th century to spur an interest in home decor, especially in france and Italy. Since then this style became famous & liked by lot of architects & interior designers. Below are the classic example of architecture.

Image Courtesy: U.S. Capitol Building
Image Courtesy : White House Washington D.C.

Lets see how this style took a troll and got into interiors, well in 18th & 19th century neo-classical interior design emerged as on the prevailing design trends.

Neo” means new, the root word comes from the greek word neos meaning new & recent. And “CLASSICAL” means traditional. In simple words its an amalgamation of new & old and hence the word “NEO-CLASSICAL”. Let me explain you in detail ,this style is a mix of carved moulding on ceiling & walls ,French windows curve on top (modern are either white or wooden)with rich fabric curtains, golden/rose gold chandeliers could be modern or vintage style, depends on proportion, and modern furniture with beautiful mirrors!Lets know more of this style in details below!

Image Courtesy : Pinterest

“Know More About This Design Style”

It is more of new modern & classic luxury. Inspired by the Roman & Greek Architecture like columns & walls with its details. Flooring is inspired by natural stones which were used in places& kingdoms which purely depicts “luxury”. Natural Stones included white marble/Italian marble, grey Williams, sattavario etc. Nowadays designers are also opting for combination or inlay marbles as well!

Image Courtesy : Pinterest

FURNITURE are being made colourful to cheer-up the mood with ultimate rich fabrics like velvets, damask silks, brocades & rich linens. Furniture gives a grand look in itself, mostly a dash of wood or metal is given on legs. Veneer & marble are used for dinning table. Generally all rich material is being used. Planters are used to accessorize with metallic finish base planters. Also lovely sculptures of human figures or animals are being used.

Image Courtesy : OLD (L.H.S.) & NEW (R.H.S.)

LIGHTING is generally is daylight or yellow lights to give glam look. Oh damn!! Those classy & sophisticated huge CHANDELIERS made up of big diamonds & gems, gold, rose gold ,or silver spruce up the space.

Image Courtesy : Pinterest

The COLORS OR PAINTS in the neo classical style are generally mild cream, gray, blue, yellow & green. Lustre black, red gold & silver are used as highlighters overall. Neutral shades are the backbone of the design style. Floral WALLPAPERS give that lively look to the whole space. Moreover to give it a bright & fresh look!

Image Courtesy: Brabbu
Image Courtesy : Pinterest

Classy plain curtains in the mild colors give an elegant, classic & rich ambience. To add on decors curated are made up of Gold, Silver, Stone, Marble, Wood, Jugs & Antiques. ”FIREPLACE” is a cherry on the cake for that COZY & WARM DÉCOR.

Image Courtesy : Brabbu ( Fireplace & Side Board )

DINNING & KITCHEN are also considered using wealthy marbles & stones with metal detailings. Lighting is generally warm & yellow or some classy candles for dinner table. Glass, Mirrors, Golds, Silvers Metallics are used to show the richness in modern times.

Image Courtesy : Pinterest

Lastly the BATHROOMS, they are the hidden beauty of the home, Neo-classical bathrooms are gorgeous, made up of marbles, stones, onyx, beautiful lights, golden accessories, mirrors & midas touch. LUXURY BEYOND MEASURES!

Image Courtesy : Pinterest

In the Modern times (21st century) “NEO-CLASSICAL” interiors have become well loved for their  elegance.NEO-CLASSICAL style is one of my favourites & I follow in my designs. A modern furniture with mild setup, classic gold décor & metallic lighting adds up all to a MIDAS TOUCH interior style!!NEO-CLASSICAL HAS LUXURY IN EACH DETAIL!

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