Before starting off with this article, I would like you to know how simply a bit of planning, a dash of imagination and a wholesome knowledge about stone materials can transform the look of your room into that dream house that you have always wanted.

After reading my post, you will be equipped with handy information on the merits of using natural stone -a boon to the designer in you since it never goes out of style. The huge range of colors, the uniqueness of each piece, and the multiple finishes it’s available in—like a polished or a honed finish—makes it so important in today’s day and age, engaging the attention of builders and consumers alike. Whether you’re looking for a classic shine or a trendy matte finish, natural stone can create nearly any look, and this article will elucidate the ingenious ways you can use natural stone to dress up your house.

So, let’s explore how by juxtaposing different colors and stone material along channelized by your amazing creativity, you can transform your dreams to reality!

You know that you are on the right side of designing when you face the unavoidable dilemma of how and where to place stone (or whether to use stone at all) to give your desired look!

Fear no more, as this article will show you how to solve this problem.

Firstly, when it comes to maintaining and taking care of the natural stone in your interior, you really don’t have much to worry about. A number of sealant products are readily available for treating your natural stone surface that form a barrier that is resistant to moisture and stains.

Secondly, natural stone is a naturally occurring, readily available material with inherent qualities that contribute to sustainable design goals, including a low embodied energy and the absence of off-gases that can reduce air quality. When cared for properly, natural stone can last a lifetime.

And most importantly, the luxurious and versatile quality of natural stone allows it to combine with other materials throughout your home to create a contemporary space that feels natural, unique, and well designed. The wide variety of colors it comes in and the fact that no two pieces are the same, means that every room in your house can benefit from the inclusion of natural stone.

And I am going to tell you in the subsequent sections the perfect mix-and-match of stone and interiors for every mood.

Let’s explore this design—an ideal mix of white and black marble in the console with Black Markina in the backdrop as an inset. Notice how the Black Markina—or River Black as it is often called—accentuates the depth of the room. Contrasting a monolithic setup with a zebra stripes gives a sophisticated look to the room. Smooth stone walls made out of granite or marble, will give your room a sleek and modern look.

Placing a few diffused lamps against this setup can enhance the cozy and semi formal look of your room by leaps and bounds.

Coming to this décor, we can see how similar patterns in the furniture can attract the eye of any guest. With traditional designs in the backdrop, we can highlight the corners of the room as well. We can create a marble joint that is ideal for concealing any wall impairment or even focusing light on a corner as well.

To create an aesthetic look, design the walls of your quintessential mandir with engraved idol statues and intricate carvings that make God’s abode truly stand out! Crystal statues placed over carefully carved circular marble stone in the wall underscores the overall space, creating a three-dimensional effect and giving the illusion of added space.

Deconstructing this room has never been more exciting! A beautiful marble inlay with a printed geometric mosaic design in the centre of the hallway amplifies the grandeur of this space. With a formidable console complementing a glazy marble, diffused lights symmetrically placed on either side of the spacious window creates a feeling of vastness.

Notice how the marble inlay has been placed centrally. An impression of cultured grandeur is exalted by the symmetry attained in this room. Experiment with marble, tile, slate and many more natural stones to find the ideal look that matches your vibe.

I hope this article has inspired you to be creative and adventurous enough to experiment with different natural stone materials to enrich your designing experience. Add life to your room with wall decoration and flooring materials like marble, granite, quartz and travertine, slate and even limestone. Remember that lighting fixtures add another dimension to the elegant natural stone that you ultimately choose, for example, dim light reflecting on translucent onyx can create a soft effect.

Arrangement and placement of stone in the room can make or even break your vibe, so be careful regarding this. Add a natural texture and pleasant colour to your rooms with different textures of stone—matte finish or even honed. Use different shapes of tiles and modern furniture to express your personality through your décor. And of course, seek recourse to your inner self in case you need any answers on what perfection means to you!

I would like to conclude with the following quote:

Without an architecture of our own we have no soul of our own civilization” –Frank Lloyd Wright, American architect and interior designer

Rightly said by this great man, whom I often turn to for inspiration, architecture and interior designing is something truly personal and unique about our existence. It is a reflection of our innermost thoughts and perceptions, and is an embodiment of our innermost being. In this spirit, let us take a moment to use interior decoration as a manifestation of our emotions. Let us use creativity and imagination, along with natural stone materials, to create artwork at our homes.

Let us use the inherent qualities of natural stone to make sustainable designs, juxtapose them with different materials along with lighting, use stone of all shapes and sizes and experiment with them. Accentuating a joint of the room, placing marble inlays, and subtly carved material and finishing off with a range of textures can give your room a whole new dimension. Explore a wide range of innovative juxtapositions to give rise to aesthetic, luxurious, sleek and chic looks throughout your home. Happy designing!

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