N.D.D.C. Office By Niraj Doshi

N.D.D.C. was founded in the year 2011 with a vision to build a design organization and involve dynamic international partners. This office space is located in Pune, India. The design was conceptualized to be a place which, while being the best of both worlds, would also be conducive for people to work in a creative environment, a workplace to enjoy. Keeping this in mind, there are mainly two zones: an Indoor Studio and an Outdoor Studio.

The Outdoor has been designed keeping in mind the principle of sustainability, wherein most of the materials have been reused and recycled, with a lot of green areas and the use of solar electricity, etc., thus effectively reducing the carbon footprint. The ambience is kept cool via the combined use of a double screening system clubbed with a mist system which effectively reduces the ambient temperature by about 7° Celsius.

Entering inside, one clearly sees a subdivision of spaces into the workstation on the left, informal seating comprising a sofa in the center, and a round table at the extreme right for impromptu meetings or a cup of coffee. The ceiling is mostly done in jute strings to add to the informal look of this space. The open side on the north has been protected from the elements by a shade net and bamboo curtains, in keeping with the natural look. All these elements are made from materials that are locally available, thus underscoring the sustainability factor. The indoor space is in complete contradistinction to the Outdoor Studio in terms of ambience as well as the design concept. As one approaches this space, one is greeted by a wall of some of the noted architects of our time or ‘gurus’; famous quotations from their work forming an interesting backdrop. One of the most interesting things is that there is actually a hidden bibliotheca behind this façade which houses all the books containing their wisdom.

This space is also divided into two zones, the formal one with a table and the informal one with a sofa. The false ceiling consists of wooden ‘patti’ detail forming strong lines, giving a sense of direction. The flooring also follows these straight lines as well and has been completely done in recycled plywood, usually the leftover from most of the interior sites. This does add to the warmth of the place. The walls are predominantly white in color, forming a stark contrast to the flooring and the ceiling.

One important feature is “Transformation of Space”. This is incorporated as presentation panels for meetings which, when not required, can be hidden by closing the panels. Also, there is a private working space inserted into a window which offers a fantastic view of the Parvati Hill. It can be enclosed completely without any trace of it ever being there.

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