Mr. Bhoite’s Residence at Phaltan By Ar. Sagar & Ar. Madhuri Zite

Redesigning an existing space to reflect the owner’s vision while also aiming for architectural masterpieces is always challenging. The design philosophy used for the refurbishment of this bungalow has enabled us to enhance the experiences of the client’s social lifestyle.

The client Mr. Amit Bhoite is a typical new generation workaholic engaged in the family business, but at the same time values family interactions and the importance of a well-connected family. Thus, the focal point for redesigning was to have an inward centric plan. The family seating and dining are both placed in the central space for better accessibility and vivacious gatherings. Here, natural light and ventilation along with varied pallets natural stone makes for a peaceful environment.

The premise, due to its location does not provide any privacy and escape from the noise of the busy life on the arterial roads, which are present on either side of the plot. Hence, the external compound wall was rebuilt at a higher height to mitigate this noise. Openings are placed strategically in the wall for ventilation and to allow the entry of natural light. Presence of a stone pallet facade makes for a grand welcoming by the socially active residents. The selection of stone was done on basis of their sustainability and climatic response, Indian stones were used for the external and Italian for the interior.

The lotus pond inside the premise, with stone artifacts adds to the beauty of the external landscaped area. The outdoor pergolas in leaf patterns reflect the merging of nature with landscape which is embellished by sciography during the day. The water body on both sides cools the south-east side as well as the breeze entering the house. The public spaces are along the road facing sides and the private spaces towards the interior in order to further reduce noise in private areas.

The living room is paired up with a formal outdoor space which acts as visual barrier between the outside world and inner designed space. The Master bed has been designed with the vision of keeping it minimalistic in order to maintain its grandiose. The guest bed is located on the ground floor with an outdoor area attached to it and a peacock illumination close by, to add a twist to the formal setting. The lounge area, with its wood patterned railing overlooks the living room.

The interior design conceptualizes the client’s preference for blooming floral patterns, which are aesthetically placed in various floral forms and elements throughout the residence. There are multiple sculptures, artifacts, and interior design elements based on the blooming floral theme which represent the transition of the client’s life from a functional to a prospering one. All in all, we have aimed to portray a very welcoming nature while preventing any disturbance to the privacy of residents.

  1. Wonderful and innovative design and excellent execution.
    Very well presented as a publication too.
    Congratulations and the best wishes.

  2. Really great..👍 Always put heart in to protect, wonderful ideas and amazing used of space ..
    Most important thing is there is no copy of easily available on internet.
    Well done..💎💥

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