Milind Mukund Deshpande

Outside fasard designed in cement sheet and plywood side edge with golden groves and the name in high gloss rose gold with backlight effect. Introduced concept of the modern showroom with maintaining the ruts of the wood business. The main door of the shop in rustic effect surrounded with modern glass and rose goled higloss frame beside.

7 space designers

Art of doing portraits in b&w powder shedding helped me to become an interior designer who can play with tonal values, proportions and focus elements on the real canvas of client’s dream. Perceived diploma in interior designing from mmsid, Pune. After becoming beam graduate from c.c.o.c. Sangli. was enjoyed doing poems and acting also in dramas.

In 2007 started individual firm and name was given as 7spacedesigners. 7spacedesigners is a firm believes in designing a project in simple, clean and clear way and style. We feel our strength in space utilisation with perfect planning. We always try to achieve wow effect at the same time maintain harmony and simplicity as well. Client’s satisfaction is the highest priority for us.

We have designed residential, commercial and corporate offices all over Pune and out of Pune also.

Ms jali in ms square pipe with Corian top and rustic wood repeated on side table again a combination of modern and old material everything other than table kept in the darker shade which gives enough importance to the owner’s place Pinewood is used in the backdrop of a dark colour to highlight some of the products which the sell in the showroom. The single hanging industrial light fitting is also giving a little more importance to the table.

As main office and account area is upstairs hight Bello in the showroom is less so considering the hight restriction we tried to use real hight as possible. Also, the concept behind the ceiling was it should not get more important than the product which is displayed to sell. Ms structure ceiling is created using the pattern of pipes suspended in dark black colour to hide electrical exposed pipes cob light is also in black colour focusing only products to sell. Also, the ceiling structure is playing a very good role for segregating and dividing the different spaces at the same time binding them together.

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