Metal & Metallic Colors – 2020 Trend Highlights

Metal has taken over home styling in 2020 in its glorious stride. Borrowing the legendary aesthetics that date back to the Industrial Age – an age of steel, oxidised metal, gold and silver, metal and metallic colours have finally made it into home decor in 2020 and we are more than excited about acknowledging them!

There are a million ways to integrate metals in home decor – from furniture legs to accessories that strike a luminous chord in your home sweet home. Love it or hate it, use of metal and metallic colours in home decoration is a definitive highlight of 2020 – the rise of essential gold and silver tones!

Moreover, metals can be superimposed onto any of the following interior styles of your choice or even if one of these pre-defines your home

1. Modern style

2. Classic style

3. Eclectic style

4. Minimalist style

5. Vintage style

Another great way to adapt the metal energy is using metallic colours along with textures and styles that accentuate the elemental vibe. We have listed down below a list of five such colours that can used while decorating your home in 2020 to bring home the luminosity of metals. Shall we begin?


The greatest thing about grey is that it enables neutrality along with a low-key grandeur with the range of layers that it offers. Grey works wonders with all the forms of metal that one can use for panels, frames or accessories; be it oxidised, steel, silver or gold – it’s almost mind boggling how versatile this colour can be.


Pink and gold have become a home decor style statement in the past few years and it is undoubtedly one of our favourite amalgamation of metal and pop-of-colour. Gold can be juxtaposed with not only metallic ink but also other shades of pink such as pastel pink, old rose, peach pink or pink-Lila.


Purple and metal are one of the most sought for and attractive home decor choice in 2020. This combination has succeeded in its strong avant-garde impression… It is definitely one of those ‘once-in-a-life-time-must-haves’ decors, isn’t it?


Green is definitely a proposition to invite nature home and invite it to stay. Metal and green not only claim this proposition but also styles it up with an art-deco touch.


Blue in walls, fabrics and cushions is well known to bring in a cool and cosy decor. However, just a hint of gold or silver tones with the shades of blue can do for your space the magic that no other combination can! If you are drawn towards this pair, (and we cannot stress this enough) go for it!

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