Malhar By Abhishek Dave

Working on the Ravet site was a very refreshing experience. The site was over 30kms from the heart of the city and the location was exquisite. The client, one of the most renowned businessmen of the city, had bought the place as a summer/weekend house for the family. Open-minded and straightforward, the budget was never an issue as it was all accounted for and transparently visible in the final output. That gave us the much-required freehand and the freedom to think in any way we can imagine and come up with some great layouts for the area.

Client Brief: Luxurious, should feel like a 5-star hotel, lavish and comfortable. Must have a golden touch as the client was a follower of Lord Malhar (yellow being considered as the color symbolizing Lord Malhar).

Based on the inputs by the client, we finalized fresh Italian Marble for the living area and complete wooden flooring for the bedroom. The whole flooring along with the kitchen was torn down and rebuilt to give the desired output. The living room is decorated with a designer gold-coated center table, sofa has embedded golden buttons to add to the value and look. The wallpaper had a tinge of golden and all the lights have kept in the shades of yellow. To add the desired luxurious look and feel, the veneer has a Duco PU coat. Blue was used to break the monotony of yellow while a brown mirror is used to give an impression of the increased depth of the entrance.

Being a little unorthodox, the washing machine has been placed at the entrance. To make the bedroom look exquisite, additional cushioning has been added, the side table has been completely made in golden while the false ceiling has been kept simple and the light has been used so as to enhance the appearance of the whole area. The artifacts have also been selected and placed keeping in mind the overall look and feel that was to be achieved.

With minimal client interference and a great support and cooperation, the site was completed within no time to utmost satisfaction of the client.

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