Interior Design Trends for Your Home in 2020

One way to describe interior design trends in 2020, is “anything goes”. While the signature looks of 2019 like accent walls and white kitchens won’t disappear, they will evolve in the years to come. While speaking with several experts both from interior and furniture designers all emphasized, individuality will be most important.

Off Trend Will Be On Trend

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Everyone is tired of looking at the same designs everywhere just like you! “Uber-unique” is shining in the upcoming decade. Unusual materials and highly crafted materials featured in architecture and furnishing. Designing of homes is now more about reflecting their personalities and making spaces which portray their story. What makes one truly happy is important here not what is on the magazine or on social media.

Looks That Can Evolve

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In the most recent years, major emphasis was on developing a personal style. Consumers are thinking of long-term than they what they had in the past. “This is also is helps in being more informed about the ecological implications of purchases”. People will be buying more of high-quality pieces and lesser pieces. Which clearly gives way out for fast furniture and decor?

Sustainable Materials

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Sustainability has become and very important factor. As society is gripped to have more eco-friendly lifestyles, people have become ecologically conscious and knowledgeable. Decisions while purchasing have become ethical. This is being shown in design sensibility and a desire to bring warm, earthy elements. Materials like acacia and rattan are now being used in many fixtures.

Swags and Easy-To-Use

Portables are now not just table and floor lamps, even renters can be tailored in a space with swag fixtures. Lighting fixtures are used not just to brighten up a room, they add bold detail. This is why wall sconces having optional wire guard will be increasingly more available. If you want beautiful design but is restricted by your space, these fixtures hit the spot. It’s cultured and conveniently functional.

Countryside Chic

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The typical farmhouse look has become tired Life, Laugh, Love sign, this style is not leading towards more sophistication more like European-inspired look. A fresh British farmhouse without having stuffy or dusty is up for 2020. Pulling away from classic prints and materials and adding whimsy. This new trend will be about mixing patterns, antique and new decor, paying homage to the countryside with horticulture and muted primary tones.

Colors the New Neutrals

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Neutrals colours will be overthrown by warm colours, jewel tones, saturated hues. Tiles, walls all serve as more opportunities for colour. Experts foretell shades of pink will be massive in 2020. Also be up for soft peachy corals. Colours with a soft feel yet grounded in natural tones.

Patterned Everything

Image Courtesy : Architectural Digest

Pattern, specifically layered patterns are becoming more prevalent for textiles and tabletop designs. The key to this trend is that there is no governing rules. There is going to be a lot more pattern mixing colour tying patterns, tying patterns of various origins and scales. Pattern matching for an example where the pattern flows from a wall to upholstered bedding has also become pretty common.

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