How To Work The Concrete Interior Trend?

Concrete has only recently been listed among materials that can be considered as the most popular in the trending designs. Concrete is a finishing material that can be used in indoor renovations. It is a strong, durable choice while also being easy to maintain. Homeowners will often want to use indoor materials that can be repaired and even altered to look brand-new.

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You can embrace the concrete trend to add a pop or creative colour on on both the exterior & the interior of a home. Another great way to use concrete is to imprint natural looking pattern, also known as stamped concrete. You can also add a high-gloss’s finish to your concrete interiors to add an elegant and graceful flavour to a space.

Concrete is the kind of unique, versatile and trendy material which can be utilise in a variety of spaces to achieve different interior as well as exterior styles and statements. In contemporary interior design, concrete serves as an excellent material for polished floors, rustic concrete tiles & feature walls , countertops, wall panels, architectural pillar wraps, benches, tables, planters, dining tables, fireplace mantels, outdoor fire tables, sinks and showers.

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Origin & Benefits of Concrete

The precursor to concrete was invented in about 1300 BC when Middle Eastern builders. However, a material similar to concrete was made by the Egyptians in the early-1800s using lime and gypsum.

Concrete has a multitude of benefits apart for it being relatively cheaper than its competitors. It is strong, compressible, can also be easily moulded and at the same time is non combustible.

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How Concrete Entered The Limelight of Design World?

Initially concrete was popular only as a material used for floor screed mix in commercial spaces such as factories, industries and so on. Now-a-days, interior designing and architecture is ruled by unique, urban and off-beat thinking.

Concrete as a material fulfils all the three qualities while being durable, economic and versatile. It has played a major role in making the present-day landscape of both interior design and architecture.

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Industrial Design Trend & Use of Concrete

The trick to giving any space an industrial look is to use concrete. Concrete enables a designer to transform a space uniquely and completely by using concrete with embedded designs and patterns. One of the best way to get an industrial look using concrete is by integrating a mural. Murals can be applied to beautify either the exterior or interior for a space, or sometimes both!

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Concrete With Wood

Fusing wood & concrete – two materials which are fundamentally rustic is a fool-proof way to go when you want to design with the concrete interior trend. The natural element of wooden finishes gels well with the bold and dramatic shades of gray. This rustic duo of wood & concrete interiors is sure to create excellent and unique spaces.

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Concrete With Glass

Combining concrete and glass is one of the classic way to accentuate an urban living element into a given space. The two materials are best known to transform spaces into a seamless whole. Concrete with glass brings about a kind of form and consistency to floors, walls, dining tables, bathtubs, counter-tops, etc.

Juxtaposing concrete walls or flooring with glass walls can create an excellent light and shadow effect in a space while also leaving room for natural designs and elements.

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Concrete With Copper

One of the reasons why concrete is termed as a versatile material is because of the different shades of grey that it can be used in. Grey is a defining colour in the modern interior designing styles and copper can be a great shade to add a subtle metallic pop against a grey expanse. Copper also balances out the cool grey of the concrete with its contrast, warm bling.

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Concrete Finishes & Surfaces

Creative techniques can turn concrete into pieces of impeccable design that can complement different interior & architecture styles. Concrete finishes are elegant, urban as well as minimal. Finishes of various kinds – textured, patterned & even high-glossed ones can create beautiful accents to define a space.

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Concrete For Flooring

Concrete is a material that not creates state-of-the-art spaces but also fuses art with science. Traditionally concrete was used as flooring in warehouses, factories, parking, porches, basements or public institutions, etc. But today concrete has a special place indoors for its strength, ease of maintenance, durability, utility and also for the industrial aesthetic that it brings with it.

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Concrete For Wall Covering

The different shades and textures of the concrete materials resonate an element of mystery, elegance, simplicity and energy into empty spaces. A concrete wall gives you a space resembling a vast canvas, a fabric for a fabulous detailing & design.

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Concrete & Bath Spaces

Contemporary designs largely rely on concrete for their minimalist and urban element. Concrete bathroom is a fundamentally contemporary trend that makes up a timeless, unique and urban bath space. Although this trend is still relatively less popular have a charm of their own. Concrete flaunts a cold, modern vibe and therefore, concrete bathrooms often use delicate accessories to contrast to the cool grey. Concrete bathrooms can also be used to design an out-door bath space illusion. Concrete bathtubs are also at the top of bathroom interior trends today.

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Concrete & Lighting

In the past, concrete was only known as material used in construction. Concrete interiors make a great landscape to add subtle touches of luxury and softness. You can integrate an industrial look by combining concrete interiors and vintage lights – lightbulbs, warm white lamps and so on. If you want to create a contemporary look, you can also browse the Internet for some custom made concrete lighting retailers for an out-of-the-box look.

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Concrete materials sure are most exciting, rustic, technologically advanced & creative choice for both the interior designers & architects as well as the home-owners because the resilience that this finish provides. We hope you are inspired with a new fondness for concrete materials! Comment below to let us know your thoughts about the urbane trend of concrete interiors!

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