Highrise Style Suite By Parag Ainchwar

: Integrating utility, aesthetics, and understated style in four bedrooms high rise apartment in Pune

Occupying the 17th floor, minor modifications to the spatial organization result in an interplay of physical volumes through an energetic balance achieved between a rich material palette and curated furniture, and lighting; aptly reflecting the clients’ personalities as a fashion designer and a software engineer.

Beyond an ornamental picket gate at the entrance lies an expansive mirrored passage, which transports one into the social zone of the house that consists of a living and a dining area extending into an open terrace. This minimally designed catalyst breathes considerable natural light and life into the interiors by opening to a panoramic view, amplifying proportions.

The subtle transition between the four bedrooms’ discrete styles is unified by a simple white false ceiling with cove lights evenly illuminating the spaces.

Rich materials such as wood finish veneer, raw bison board ombre the pastel shades used instead of wallpapers are of visual interest; and the extensive use of mirrored walls augments the interiors, integrating the vocabulary of expanding uncluttered spaces.

Simple, yet appealingly trendy, the apartment exudes the ethos of a home that is filled with warmth and eager to grow with the family.

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