HIGH FLY Family Restaurant And Bar By NEHA S. GANDHI

About High Fly Restaurant & Bar – These days you’d better be prepared to offer your customers more than just a plate of good food if you want to capture their imaginations and that is what we tried to do at a multipurpose venture in Solapur, at High fly bar family restaurant.

All the elements come together in one imposing place but giving each section a distinct identity and eye-catching ambience.

1. Steel pier(lounge)
A stunning lounge for the new generation in a tasteful combination of wooden and metal elements. The ceiling is characterized by metal arches which enhances the grandeur and style of the lounge.
Beautifully constructed metal wall décor pieces are sizable enough to leave a long-lasting visual imprint on the walls.
Electric blue-coloured stone textured wall enhances the ambience.

2.Breeze Garden with play zone
As the name speaks, it’s an open terrace garden with artificial grass which gives a vivid and fresh ambience. Artificial wall plants and monkey lights add to the garden look. we also designed a tactile, play zone attached to this area giving it a touch of outdoor playfulness.
Shahabad clad walls and a beautiful fountain emphasizing the LOGO of high fly cannot be missed. lightweight metal chairs and tables also form an integral part of designing. This terrace garden is also surrounded by a splendid city view. Black Kadapa on the floor Has been kept the same in the steel pier as well as in the breeze garden. The huge inbuilt fabricated columns kept raw as it is, with flame lights inside to give a grand artistic look.

3.High fly bar
The new classified family bar incorporates elements of a seaside setting with an aqua blue palette. While its contemporary furnishings convey a sleek and modern aesthetic. The unique accessories, bottle partition, and fountain signify the location beautifully.

4. 440 Volts
It has been very thoughtfully designed as it has varied entertainment aspects such as music and a dance floor which attracts young adults. It has been curated with flashy lights, wooden floor, wall to wall carpet with acoustic effects. the small screen is also a part of it so that family and friends can enjoy the screening of matches/movies etc.

Lastly, our team could design a classy rich restaurant bar on the terrace which has become the most talked-about venture in Solapur. Its unique synchronized interiors along with different experience in different sections yet maintaining the privacy and individuality of its own as a “One Single Unit”
This is one restaurant & bar of its kind which can accommodate family, kids, youngsters and seniors at one go

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