Gaurav & Yogita Oswal

The young and spirited director duo of the Design Story- Gaurav and Yogita Oswal are extremely particular of the ‘process’ of design, whatever the scale of the project. This dedicated, go-getting pair of Interior Designers have created an ever-growing satisfied clientele for their studio, through their focused, holistic and practical approach towards Interior Design.

“The Design Story is sensitive about optimum space utilisation and circulation balanced with good aesthetics.” The Design Story has successfully completed numerous residential & commercial projects over the past few years since its inception on 25th October 2007.

Gaurav & Yogita are staunch followers of the ‘Kaizen’ approach which involves learning & improving from experiences and errors in each project and evolving in design.

The young and dynamic pair are in practice for almost a decade, but the drive and focus of their work represent the young and restless design world. The principal designers lay great emphasis on the details and the ‘process’ of design, regardless of the size of the scale. With offices, residences, and luxury apartments as the initial projects itself, the firm admittedly does not mind pursuing a design journey that may be remembered as that of a ‘Crazy Perfectionist’.

They strongly believe in their design process which has won them warm reviews and awards for the numerous offices, homes and luxurious apartments which they have designed over a past 10 years.

Designing the home and vanity van for famous film actor Hrithik Roshan has been one of the highlights Type to enter a caption of their career.

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