Fashionable Interior Design In 2020

The Interior design trends in the year 2020 are more about getting back to the basics; we have been seeing this emerge in most of the Latest Home décor trends. We have done some thorough research as well as spoken to some expert interior designers on gaining more insights on the Latest Fashionable Interiors, we have also kept in mind not to miss on the actual customer requirements. We have also spent an ample amount of time on social networking sites to get the opinions of the masses too.

Back To The 70’s

Image Courtesy : Modern Casa

We are seeing a lot of warmer colours such as orange, yellow and also rusty reds between the greige, leopard prints, Fringing, these are signs of the ’70s. This retro feel has started to give a cooler and a daring sense it’s not completely replacing the Mid-century modern but definitely emerging.

Personally, we don’t see us putting up wallpapers in our bathrooms with bright orange, brown floral wallpaper, but we still see a few hints of the colours, textures and shapes.


Image Courtesy : Apartment Therapy

Terrazzo was an Interior design trend in the 70s and by the 90s tacky but in 2020 the Latest home décor trends are back with a bang. We have welcomed terrazzo once more not just limiting it the floors but to the walls and even entire bathroom suites. The terrazzo also gives you options for Fashionable interiors in that pattern.

A Darker Take On Scandi Style

Image Courtesy : Ekaterina Khmel

Looks like our love for Nordic interiors will never end. This is just a little modification to the Nordic interiors, a slightly darker or a moodier take towards the scandi-style, with keeping the same old textures and pared light wooden furniture, with a gothic feel to it. Sounds on a hell of a combination right? Latest home décor trends have some fashionable interiors in this particular style.

Scalloped Edges

Image Courtesy : Pinterest

Talking of curves, these are creeping our homes, mostly like the fish scale Gles, but also into kitchen cabinetry. In the fashion and beauty industry, the whole mermaid trend was about candy hues, in the interior world it looks it has gone down a little more of a grown-up route. The most fashionable interiors have come up with scalloped edges for the Interior design trends and we love it

Chintz Is Back

Image Courtesy : Architectural Digest

Chintz is back! This has not been familiar in the past but has been recently emerging but not all like it, however, this is basically taking up soon. This is basically a traditional pattern on the background of light. This looks exceptionally amazing when matched over contemporary pieces. Latest home décor trends have come up with lots of fashionable interiors but referring to the old interior tends would also help you here.

Concrete Bathrooms

Image Courtesy : Airtasker

The previous year was all about spa-like bathrooms at home, Come 2020 it’s about bathrooms which are tough, functional and super stylish. The best way to get the ambiance is by using micro concrete which gives full-depth concrete finish over existing walls and floors.

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