Dividing Spaces with Natural Materials: 2020 Trend Highlight

Ever wondered how to turn a huge space into a beautiful natural design? We have to agree, open spaces take away a great deal of privacy and intimacy, That is why most spacious homes create an impression of a much less welcoming environment. However one cannot help but think whether dividing up spaces make it look smaller and congested? But the good news is that trendsetters in 2020 have sought to look for aesthetic answers to this design dilemma.

Image Courtesy : Macdougal St. nyc design by Betty Wasserman photography by Eric Striffler

Divisions can be a great idea for your home if you are looking for a cozy, comfortable space or if you have a wide & open carpet area. A perfect division made with natural designs & materials can transform your home quite magically! Here are some incredible ideas on perfect divisions for fabulous homes.

Bringing Nature Home 

A great way to to reflect the nurturing attribute of a lively home. You can take ‘Dividing spaces with natural materials’ in its very literal sense by using indoor plants to create a partitions – aesthetic, natural and beautiful space division decor trend that will never go out-of-style.

Image Courtesy : floresey.online

Another great way to use plants for creating divisions is to build a wall with empty spaces built in planters. Who wouldn’t like to have a room division that’s also part garden?

Image Courtesy : Apartment Therapy

If you are going for the minimalist decor trend then tall, spiky house plants can be the best match for you to use as space divisions. You can pair these beautiful modern green plants like emerging dividers with a furniture piece such as a couch or a sofa.

Image Courtesy : Pinterest

Classic Wooden Screens

This classy home partition decor trend has proved itself over and over again.

Image Courtesy : bugbeewoodco

It also allows for quite some improvisation, you can choose customised natural designs & materials of your choice – with regards to the colour & texture that complements your interiors in the best way.

Intricacy Over Simplicity

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys the great details that intricate designs have to offer, then these carved wooden divisions are the way to go.

Image Courtesy : Case De Valentina

The Marble Way 

Marble division walls add just the right amount of grandeur to your home, besides if you decide to walk the marble way your division not only flaunts natural designs and materials but also offers a plethora of options to choose from to add the finishing touch to your carefully curated home interiors.

Image Courtesy : Ris Interior Design

Tainted Glass Walls 

For an ultra luxurious division solution, nothing surpasses the glass partitions, they can be plain, textured or tainted glass designs, whatever suits your taste!

Image Courtesy : Slidingdoorco
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