Don’t you collect something at your home? Be it an Art glass, old Coca-Cola bottles, dishes, teacups, doll heads, LPs, quilts, blankets, there are endless possibilities of collecting stuff because you can’t tell what might strike a person’s fancy.

China sets, dishes, cups and saucers, and certain brands of kitchen items are relatively common collectibles, especially with anyone who has just registered for his or her wedding. Or maybe those who just got married and looking to settle down in there into their first home and carried on from there.

Displaying these collections with style—and maybe a touch of restraint—is an art in itself.

Quilts, Blankets, and Textiles

Dolly Parton a very famous singer and a songwriter, as an example, features a very Broad quilt collection. They’re thrown over a handrail in her case to draw attention to them, but many people have them hanging on walls like art, particularly if they need a lot of wall space.

We’ve often seen them folded in cabinets, stacked in an antique cabinet, and set in a glass-fronted cabinet, where their diverse shades and textures are even best displayed.

Leaning ladders are very common for textile collections like this. They come in a variety of styles and materials, but many have a more rustic, primitive appearance. Antique or antique-looking ladders are often used as well, with quilts and blankets folded and hanging neatly on them.

Non-traditional Wall Art

Many collections have remained on the wall, even though they aren’t “traditional” wall art. For instance, if you have a china collection or special dishes, you will display them on your walls.

Small objects such as spoons, bottle caps, tiny saucers, or antique keys can be placed in shadow boxes or frames and hung on the wall. Just because it’s not conventional art doesn’t mean it won’t look fantastic – plus, it’ll be great punctuation of your theme and a reflection of the items you’re into.

Moreover, people also use Baseballs in wire baskets, on racks, and simply on the table.

Be it Antique toys, wine corks, bells, or kaleidoscopes of all sizes, they’ll be put inside a jar or used as a functional item to add interest if they’re small enough and not too fragile.

And if you have a stack of books or graphic novels, for example, then can be placed on tables and shelves or stacked underneath a vase or a plant. And to display dimensions, you’ll stack the books in various sizes or at different heights.

Exercising Restraint In Displaying Your Collections

Are you a passionate collector? If yes, then there is a tendency you have that favorite pieces everywhere. Isn’t it?

But The key to doing it tastefully is to avoid letting it take over your whole home.

You can do this by either choosing a container to keep them in (such as your wine corks or baseballs) or simply deciding where they’ll go and once that spot is filled, stop yourself from adding more to it.

Limit them to a particular area of your house. If you keep your blankets in the living room, for example, they should stay there and not in every other room in the house.

If you do not have collections of anything, then start doing it today right now. As It’s the most wonderful practice for you and your home.

And you know what’s the perk of keeping such collections? Memories. Some of the pieces will remind you of great memories it holds.

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