Darker Kitchens: A 2020 Trend

Light and bright kitchens may definitely be the normative design choice when it comes to kitchen designs. But if you haven’t come across the newest kitchen design trends, let us introduce you to the darker kitchens. There is and has been great respect for the black aesthetic in the 21st century, and now it’s time to integrate darker, richer colours in your kitchen designs – from tiles to cabinets and appliances.

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If you’re ready for completely different & unconventional kitchen design, we would recommend the moody, mysterious and darker kitchen – a sure shot jaw-dropper!

Contrast Is The Key

If embracing black in your kitchen design is an idea you’re still getting used to you can live out the darker kitchen trend by combing it with lighter shades. Consider different aspects and elements in your kitchen design and harmonise them with pale/white shades along with a splash of black – it’s balanced, striking and neat!

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Light It Up

It may seem quite paradoxical to say that you can light up a darker kitchen but when you think about installing fancy lighting fixtures, it suddenly seems compelling & possible! While contemplating kitchen designs it is a quite common tendency to overlook lighting – but when you’re planning on a darker kitchen, lights are beyond important! You can also consider adding some mood-lighting as well – like a meal prep or a task lighting (for times when you aren’t cooking or need bright lights).

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Throw In Warm Metallics

Combing darker kitchen designs with metallics is like killing two birds with one stone. Metallics and darker kitchen are both a part of some of the hottest trends this year. Darker kitchens can benefit from the warmer metallic shades as they will reflect a small ray of light around the room! A great way to create a kitchen space that stands out and makes a luminous statement!

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Wonderful Wood – Yes!

If you wish to add the rustic conventional magic in your kitchen design, you can combine the dark furniture and wall decor with a naturalistic wooden finish – another way to combine two amazing decor legends. Wood will add a certain warmth in your dark colour scheme where the cold has a tendency to prevail. Adding a touch of wood is a wonderful way of claiming a rustic and raw interior finish that can also be devised to bring in a vintage look and feel.

Image Courtesy : Devol Kitchens

Green-Blue Colour Scheme

Does black or charcoal grey kitchen design still seem odd? In that case, there is always the colourful side of the dark-aesthetic which will introduce a deeper, richer finish while also remaining unconventional and under the darker kitchen design trend. You can consider the darker shades of blue and green and green such as Prussian Blue, Emerald Green and hues that still reflect a deeper colour-scheme in your kitchen design. You can also choose a deeper hue of your favourite colours to add a unique you-factor tho this unconventional kitchen trend and take it to the next level!

Image Courtesy : Kathryn Collins
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