Chamunda Ceramics By Mrs. Prachi & Mr.Yogesh Vilas Gholap

Chamunda Ceramics Sanitaryware, Tiles Showroom

Exclusive Tiles, Sanitaryware, CP Fitting Multistory Showroom. We have built this exclusive showroom measuring 4000 sqft. The elevation of the building has been done using basic materials like exposed red brick, hollow brick, m s rolling shutter channels, etc. Behind the main building, we have done exposed RCC work, in the casting of which we have used wooden planks. This has resulted in the texture of the wooden figure above it. For the steps, we have used lapato finish granite.
The railing has been done in MS “I” section. TOR steel bars have been used and different brand chips have been used
For light effect tungsten bulb with hanging rope lights has been used.
Because of its raw look, this showroom creates a curiosity for the passers-by on the road.
The main door is done in M S fabricated with glass.

Entrance Lobby of Showroom – This is a double-height area on the ground floor of the showroom. Half of this area is done in the mezzanine and it is the office area.
The main door of the showroom measures 10’ in height. Since this is a Tiles showroom, we have used tiles for all the counters and tables. Moroccan tiles are fitted in the entrance lobby. In the reception area, the backdrop is done using hollow bricks, and channels of rusted M S rolling shutters have been used behind the showroom branding.
The showroom displays up to 10’6’’ tiles. The showroom ceiling has been done using a chipboard.

Ground Floor Discussion Area – A discussion area has been provided behind the reception counter. The floor of this area has been done in Lioli tiles. Hence the discussion table is done in Lioli tiles. The TV screen here displays the manufacturing, application, variety, and other details about Lioli tiles. This gives clarification to the clients.
Chipboard has been used for the ceiling in this area.

Mezzanine Office – The office of the showroom has been planned in the Mezzanine area. This includes Reception, Waiting, Main Cabin, Conference Room, and the Staff area.
All the tables here are finished in Tiles. The partition uses MS pipes. The ceiling has been done using a chipboard, cement fiber sheet, and M S rolling channel.

Staircase – In the staircase, the steps are finished in granite because it is generally cost-effective and maintenance-free.
The sidewall of the staircase has been done using asbestos cement sheets paneling.
The railing has been done in “I” sections and a downside light effect has been provided here.
The gap between both the steps has been coated with M S 1”X1” Jali powder.
For branding, rolling shutter channels have been used in the backdrop. These have been rusted.
The ceiling is done in the chipboard.

First Floor – On the first floor, we have displayed the imported tiles. Here book and sliding cassette types have been used. A discussion table clad in tiles has been provided in this area.
The flooring has been done in rustic tiles and the ceiling uses chipboard.

Second Floor CP Sanitaryware – The second floor showcases CP fitting and Sanitaryware which consists of two brands- Kohler and V&B. There is an exclusive display of basin designs in the center using jute as a finishing material. On the side, there are a series of W.C., basins, health faucet, flush plates, and basin mixer at the display. The basin has been placed in a slanting position and they have been packaged in pine. For the other products display, Jute has been used as finishing material. This makes it easier for clients to make selections.
The second floor provides a discussion table for the clients and architects to sit together and make the selections comfortably.
CP fittings have been highlighted using jute in the backdrop. The raw backdrop enhances the look of the finished product.
The ceiling has been done using packaging pine, and it has been painted in two-tone.
Faucets Display-
To display the faucets, we have made pine boxes (Sandook). This displays a different series of Kohler. The Boxes have an antique look.

Bathroom Accessories Display – To display the accessories, we have made jute panels fitted on rough plaster.

Designer Faucets Display – For displaying the designer faucets and kitchen pillar cock, we have used pine boxes in the log effect. These boxes are inserted in the wall
Bathroom Mock Up-
We have done four Mock-Ups wherein the entire bathroom series has been displayed. These Mock-Ups help create a feeling of an actual bathroom for the clients. Hollow bricks have been used for partitions and rolling shutter channels have been used for the ceiling.

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