As the name suggests, the theme that runs along the whole house is that of blue tones and accepting vibes. Accepting, of every person walking into the home with their own vibrant energies and finding their personal niche in various well-designed nooks and corners of this House.
The combination of blue and wood allows the mind to wander itself into relaxation which is what a home is made for. The perfect minimalistic approach portrayed even in the design of the partition and choice of swing compliments the theme entirely and amplifies the flavor of the ambience.

Blue wall which carries the vibrancy through-out the structure also gives the cozy and homely vibe at the entrance itself. The false ceiling which are actually detached wooden planks plays a vital role as the sense of continuity from the entrance towards terrace. A traditional swing complements the ceiling and on the other hand it creates a contrast with the modern blue sofa.

A perfect living space with an open dining and kitchen for the family of four is a cozy place where you can find your own comfort as well as the sense of bonding. The dining space which gets detached from the lobby with a simple partition has its own charm with a blue grey wallpaper and a simple table.

The two bedrooms which are adjacent to the living room are exactly opposite(in sense of light, arrangements of the furniture and its own character) to the living-dining-kitchen trio and unfolds the space with its simply placed furniture and a bold blue color with subtle white and wooden laminate. The third one is kept untouched from any kind of furniture or light arrangements as it serves the purpose of the storage as well as a no furniture zone of the house where one can have the bean bag and cup of coffee.

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