Avant Garde

Ashwini and Prasad Shrimani, the architect and interior designers of the eclectic design firm, “Avant garde”, are known for their breakthrough designs and creative virtuosity.

Avant garde – literally meaning path-breaking and imaginative, portrays aesthetic innovation and ingenuity in every signature project.

Having been in this profession for over 20 years, Avant garde has, in its repertoire, numerous projects-vis­ a-vis software parks, residences, banks, industrial and commercial offices, and other commercial establishments.

The idea, says Ar. Prasad is to “pursue each venture with clarity, devoid of any presumptions.”What emerges is a fusion of ideas and truly artistic, even experimental, spaces.

Space is a reflection of an individual’s ideas, beliefs, and philosophy. Exactly the philosophy the duo works with. And very obviously noticed in their new office.

The highlight of the project is a hand painted canvas panelled wall leading into the space which hides three doors behind it. In contrast to this strong compositional element, the material palette adopted is short and simple, with grey elements, woodwork and terracotta flooring.
Open floor plan with different levels of privacy. Use of colours, materials has been simplified as a resource to define spaces ensuring everything complements each other.

Avant Garde is an extension of this belief: more a studio than office, its informal, open areas are conducive to unhinged ideation.

A flowing wall-length abstract landscape in acrylic, painted by ID. Ashwini, greets one at the entrance leaving one wondering where the indispensable pantry and cabin are!

Only to be told they are ensconced in the colourful array of the canvas.

A rescued log is converted into a work table, making discussions between assistants and vendors earthy and fruitful. The studio and admin areas are skilfully separated by artistic wooden features.

Staff can choose to work anywhere; the fluidity of space offers the designer a fertile setting- replete with greenery and birdsong.

The main cabin looks more like a covered garden, the terrace doors inconspicuously leading out into the tree canopy.

The above article is a joint effort by Ideasscape & Family Interiors Magazine to promote vocal for local. The content and images have been sourced from Family Interiors Magazine.

Niche created between columns makes for a perfect reading nook.
Full wall opening gives ample light, ventilation and view promoting bright surroundings. Glass table top makes work-desks lighter and provide continuity.
The office space designed to reflect the personality of the practice, while still providing a comfortable working space for the team
Wooden batten panelling in the cabin conceals toilet and storage, forming a uniform surface for display.
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