Tanvi M Shelar

The energy and passion to bring Preface in the Industry started with the inception of painting thoughts of our clients on the white canvas of their spaces in 2013 by taking over small challenges across the geography in residential and commercial projects. We at Preface relate the culture & character of the names and spaces we design to speak with the people who reside. With the journey of exploring homes and with a thought of innovating spaces for a larger audience we stepped in hospitality industry in the year 2015. Our first project in the hospitality segment was a Goan Portuguese restaurant which comprised of all sorts of challenges and fulfilled my love for innovation thoroughly . With over 35 restaurants designed all across the city with different cuisines , I decided to move back to making luxury homes. Designing a home is far more challenging than any other space as it is a private space for the client. Most of the times by doing so we are making a dream come true for someone or we give an expression to someone’s thoughts that have been nurtured since years. This connects us with the soul of people who occupy the space to call it their home. Our vision at Preface is to connect as many as possible souls to the spaces we design, because when souls connect, they fall in love with spaces every time they walk into it.Write to us on : prefacedesignstudio@gmail.com