Being an Art Lover & Enthusiast, Pulled Me to Do Something Creative & That’s How I Chose Interior Design as My Field to Serve People the Best Living. Myself Rinkal Shah, My Firm Name Is Niwasa Design Studio, Founded In 2015, Practising Since 2004 Have Worked with Various& Famous Architects in Pune And Mumbai For Almost 7 Years, & Then Starting My Own Firm, Specialised in Commercial & Residential. Luxury Projects Is My Speciality, Looking Forward for Many More in Life, & Innovating New as The Best Is Yet to Come. My Personal Interest Towards Arts, Meeting New People, Travelling, Photography, Reading, Fashion, All This Led Me to The Interior Designer I Am Today. I Have Studied Commerce, Interior Design, Art & Design, Fashion Design & Photography. My Love Towards Giving A New Lifestyle & With Upcoming Trends &Styles Is My Forte. Interior Design Definitely Changes Ones Perspective Towards Regular Living. My Love for Designing Is Immortal.