AR C’Shekhar Jangli

The task for Ar. C’Shekhar Jangli was to design bungalow for Mr Patil, Expand the living spaces to accommodate family needs in the available area.

While designing Entrance for the bungalow, keeping space and structure in mind have given wide opening. Combination of traditional and contemporary look to the entrance door which is in veneer and surrounded by stone cladding. The blend of wooden look and stone cladding always added warmth feel with help of warm white lighting while entering the house.

As an architect always, like to experiment with different medias and materials, the living area is a good example of that. Satvario stone used wisely to give spacious fresh, wider and richer look in the area.

As per client’s requirement living space is divided into two parts with double height and decorated with gracious schandelier. Dead wall of double-height is highlighted with stone cladding with green features. Where other wall elevation kept with slit horizontal and vertical windows to break the typical look of windows. To add trendiness in the space, used peacock blue colour in sofas with matching shades of colour in drapes.

Drawing area in contrast combination of yellow colour sofas with peacock blue shade curtain drapes. Here partition wall is treated with engraving in solid surface to create the effect of the area. Both Living & Dining room areas highlighted in semiprecious stone table tops. Aesthetically and energy-wise blue agate always adds beauty and boost your thoughts and feelings that you receive from other types of higher semiprecious stone used in the area to bring balanced energetic state of acceptance healing bliss and love.

While designing the kitchen used white colour on the floor and vertically to add spaciousness and fresh look in the area. Otta Platform kept in Balsam brown quartz stone and beautifully highlighted with colourful glass highlighters.

Master bedroom designed with shades in blue in cladding and bed linen. While green is added in drapes and paintings with a combination of wooden floor and veneer. Top floor totally designed as a private area for a family with amenities like Jacuzzi and Gym area. Jacuzzi area is covered by glass supported with rough wood rafters. Wooden deck floor and vertical garden give a natural feel in the area.

The above article is a joint effort by Ideasscape & Family Interiors Magazine to promote vocal for local. The content and images have been sourced from Family Interiors Magazine.

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