An Appeasing Luxury By Rakesh Bhosale

Elegance is the key word for us, while designing this beautiful bungalow interior. Tucked in the thicket of native trees, on the sides of a sleepy street, sits this summer bungalow, best described as a modernist urban hideout. We believe that “the home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love”. And as the Client Mr. Uday Barge like to entertain and receive friends at home, this house becomes the epitome of that.

Defining the spaces for this family, we carved out the spaces with clean sharp lines and various texture and materials that naturally project the soul of the design. The spaces were designed to create a human scale, where people can have conversations. It’s a house of charming contradictions whereby the rough hewn exterior belies the precise detailing and sparseness within. The composition and the furniture choices were an integral element of the final result and the product of a pleasant collaboration as we highlighted the design with a choice of artifacts that juxtaposed classic and vernacular pieces.

The residence underlines the importance of a plain approach and attention to detail emphasizing the need for functional utility of space. The living room is spacious room that maintains a sense of openness with large windows. It is characterized by dark wooden fins, created to make the room expanse look bigger and hides the toilet door and service behind. Designing the bungalow wasn’t without challenges, chief among them: the bedroom door opening right into the living room, disturbing the privacy. We re-constructed that door into a library unit and very cleverly matched the door lines with the grooves on the wall to hide the door altogether.

The significant in-situ white granite stone basin, draws all the attention in the living room. Next to the stairway is a strikingly tall unit, which is the crux of the design as it acts as storage unit at the lower level, whereas on upper level it doubles up as balustrade and a reading desk. Underlined with a simple layout, Kitchen has a plush feel without being ostentatious.

The outstanding feature of the kitchen is the removable kitchen platform which doubles up as a breakfast table which can be moved across the living to watch television or to simply engage in conversation across the living. Similar aesthetics is employed in the bungalow’s private spaces. An elegant accent table is juxtaposed to unpainted composite panel. A minimalist lamp hangs in the corner above bed, creating a drama to this tranquil space. On the first floor, a reading area is characterized by unfinished brick wall which sets backdrop for the room and creates a relaxed environment, where you could read a book at night or have cocktail with friend at sunset. Creating an exciting space with a sense of functionality, the house becomes an instrument to fester dreams of its owner and a place to materialize their dreams and aspirations.

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