A Cozy Urban Hide Out By Rakesh Bhosale

This is a home for a young couple, who are practicing architects. Located in the suburbs of Pune, this home is recognition of the couple’s desire for a lifestyle with more simplicity and calmness.

Their emphasis is on “decluttering”- perhaps since they are so driven to the concept of “less is more” and this design is a representation of that concept. The design strives to create an ample balanced living space and to fill them with a sense of place.

The home with ultra clean crisp lines, a simple and monochrome palette and the use of materials that in-cluded metal, glass, mirror, composite panels and veneered wood. The colors are neutral and airy, furnishings are simple and streamlined. The color theme was restrained to essential grey, black and brown with occasional pops of white color.

The home starts with an entrance lobby area, which showcases a sophisticated and eternal elegance through a accentuated table which doubles up as a shoe cabinet, set stark against a dark veneered wood panels. The spacious living has ample amount of natural light and ventilation filtering inside, owing to the fact the flat is situated on a 15th floor and offers a panoramic view of the city from main areas.

In order to create a feeling of spaciousness, open floor plan was adopted and kitchen walls were taken down; thereby merging kitchen, dining room into the living space. This resulted in simultaneously airy and contented spaces.

To accentuate the living room and to hide the bathroom door, a simple partition is constructed with dark veneered wood panels and glass. The partition is a foldable piece of furniture and the glasses are rested on the panels. It is a self-standing partition for the reason that of its geometry which houses books and enduring artifacts.

In the living space, the priority is given to the forms as well as vivid textures of rough unpainted compo-site panels through the use of pure geometrical form and pattern to create a signature accent wall. The composite panels are designed in such a pattern that they ingeniously hide bedroom door which was opening into the living and thereby maintaining the privacy.

Particular emphasis is put on the dining experience; creating a focal point for the room. An impressive light pendant hang above the custom made ‘statuario’ marble dining table. While the adjacent full length mirror sliding panel opens up to reveal an intimate and mystical puja room and a hidden storage and attic space above. The designer couple also freshened up the kitchen, which now features a black marble. The grey cabinets and black kitchen profile enhance the theme and add functionality and visual interest.

The master bedroom features a king bed and is juxtaposed to a raw unpainted composite panel accent wall. Tall abstract wood sculpture rests atop a minimalist nightstand table, creating a drama to this tranquil place. Few pieces of abstract art and paintings, add a dash of color to the otherwise monochrome color scheme.

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