7 Reasons to go Grey- How to Use Grey in Home Decor

We know there are a great number of options when picking the right foundation colour for your home decor – and grey is just one of them. Although it is growing to be a sought for colour among people, there is still a sense of hesitation. There are millions of reasons to go for grey and we’re bringing you our top seven, so read and let us know what you think!

Grey for Sophistication

A classic grey living room idea features a sophisticated as well as a formal space. Using grey is a great way to add the element of luxury without being overly stuffed with complex designs. You can combine modern furniture with metal-based accessories to introduce a luminous touch. For example, a chandelier, the curved seats, a sofa & a stunning coffee table. It’s sophisticated, it’s casual, it’s fun!

Image Courtesy : Decoristart.com

Grey for Drama

Grey is a colour of boldness, daring, courage and mystery. Dark-grey coloured walls that carry the colour onto the ceiling is without a doubt a bold choice to make but the drama this colour adds is more than worth it

Image Courtesy : Yourspacefurniture.com

Grey for Warmth

When you think of grey space, do you always think of an edgy, cold vibe? We are quite sorry to say, but you are wrong. The colour grey also boasts a range on warmer tints and its various shades can develop a surprising cosy and comfortable space. So in case you wanted to reject the possibility of grey for its cold reputation, forget about it; because “Grey is the new beige”

Image Courtesy : LuxDeco.com

Grey for Contemporary

Contemporary interiors are all about harmony and fabrics and the good news is, so is grey. The colour grey pairs well with almost all shade cards – pastels, metallics, earthy tones, black & whites. If you are looking for a more contemporary look, grey is the colour to go. Wondering why? Because grey stays contemporary. Choosing grey for walls or couches or any long-term internal pieces is a great idea because of its timelessly relevant relation to them now.

Image Courtesy : Wirklich

Grey for Elegance

Although the darker shades of grey are known for their bold, assertive, dramatic elements, they still remain wonderful choices along with the mid-grey and pale grey options to make up a beautiful and elegant colour-scheme for your home. Elegance is all about subtlety, grace and style and grey enables it all

Image Courtesy : Architectural Digest

Grey for Contrast

It makes us super happy to declare that dark grey and white are a match made in heaven. If you are the kind of person who adores tricking contrasts, dark-grey and white are the way to go! The pair works wonders to achieve a modern-traditional balance and mix up various interior styles.

Image Courtesy : Homedesigning.com

Choosing grey is a great idea for a bachelor/spinster pad vide. As grey poses a neutral and versatile base it’s easy to mould the colour to make it stereotypically masculine or feminine. So if you’re contemplating whether or not to use the colour grey, you’re left with no more excuses.

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