5 Modern Coffee Table Designs To Enliven Living Rooms

Coffee tables are few of the most essential parts that contribute to a harmonious designs. Modern coffee tables make startling appearances in workspaces, living spaces and even casual public spaces such as restaurants, cafes, waiting rooms and so on.

Apart from marking the mainstay of a living room or a sea4ng areas, coffee tables go beyond their function to become one of the most favourite piece of furniture in every home.

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With our expertly curated collection of best modern coffee tables as of August 2020,
you can make get a hang of the tremendous options and ideas on how you can
transform your living room with the right coffee table!

After all, there’s a perfect, state-of-the-art coffee table for every living room, and
here’s a little cheat-sheet to help you pick yours!

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So, here’s a list of 7 modern coffee table design ideas that will get along well with a
multitude of styles in interiors designing and decor!

1. A Modern Coffee Table with storage

So, here’s a list of 7 modern coffee table design ideas that will get along well with a
multitude of styles in interiors designing and decor!

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Have you ever faced a dead-end when it comes to storage space? No matter how meticulously we think about storage space while designing a living area we never seem to crack the code for enough storage.

How about a coffee table that looks elegant and, at the same time provides ample
of space for storing (or displaying) your favourite best sellers. If you are an avid reader, this is the perfect modern coffee table design that you would want to go for!

2. A Modern Coffee Table with glass tops

Glass tops are oPen used in interiors and decor for adding the ‘glam-quo1ent’ and an
elevated, luxurious touch. A rectangular shaped table, proportionate to the size of your living rooms or even corporate work spaces and waiting rooms can create a magnificent statement.

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You can also consider taking the good old ‘glass-top’ trick to a newer level of
exclusivity by adding a black glass top to amplify the element of sleekness.

3. A Modern Coffee Table with dichromatic colour scheme

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The dual-toned coffee table trend springs from Danish roots of living room designs. The classic combo of wooden & white modern coffee tables stand out because of their contrasting colour schemes and yet stand up to the minimalist style.The dichromatic  coffee table merges well with casual, cosy and modern living room

4. A Modern Coffee Table with a decor hack

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If you live in a smaller space, a Modern Coffee Table with decor hacks are is a
definite life-saver. You can interpret your own version of the modern nes1ng coffee table – a table that consists of two tables, one slightly smaller than the other which can be pulled out whenever you need an extra table!

5. A Modern Coffee Table with a mid-century modern touch

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In case you’re wondering whether mid-century modern coffee tables are still in
trend, you cannot be more right. Modern coffee tables with a mid-century modern touch offer a compact furnishing solution that is unique and never fails to make a statement for any living area!

The Final Verdict – Concluding Remarks

Choosing coffee tables that stay on the tasteful side of timelessness is the ultimate goal.
We hope we have stirred quite some curiosity and inspiration for transforming the anchor
of any living room design or adding the perfect coffee table – a must-have element for
every moment you want to kick-back-and-relax in your home sweet home!

Let us know in the comments section if we have left out your favourite Modern Coffee
Table Design. Happy Designing!

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