7 Decor & Design Ideas for a One-Bedroom Apartment You Must Know About

We can all agree on the fact that one-bedroom apartments have been an essential part of urbanisation. Most often times, we link one-bedroom lifestyles to student living and the urbane bachelor dream. Having said that, let us address the elephant in the room – living in a One-bedroom apartment means that even inch of space is important.

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So the big question is :

How can we transform 1-bedroom apartments into smart and cosy havens?

A one bedroom apartment is usually an attached living area, kitchen & dining space along with a single bedroom and a bathroom from the drawing area & the kitchen. However, living in a small apartment can be a big challenge. But the architects and designers today have left no stone unturned to explore smart and space-saving designs for smaller spaces.

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Inspired from the subtle living standards of the minimalist Millenials, modern onebedroom apartment designs have taken a wonderful turn with their amalgamation of practical, innovative and comfort-friendly elements.

We have cooked up a series of 7 ideas for one-bedroom apartment decor to help you get started on your own space-smart design plans…

Wall Decor

Wall decor can make up for a great way to use up your wall space for creating a functional display that allows plenty of storage space for living area and bedroom designs.

Wall units, open/closed cabinets, open shelves are all feature designs that can help create a space that resonates with people and also offer plenty of storage space to accommodate personal belongings like picture frames, books, house-plants, board games table-clocks and so on.

On the flip side, if you are going for a more minimal design with even lesser details, you can also consider designer wall decor with a single piece of abstract art or object. This type of wall decor promotes a free-flowing ambience that sets the tone for any onebedroom apartment design, especially in the living area.

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Less Is More

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Concise and indigenous can create wonders for a one-bedroom apartment space, & that is why it is why multi-functional and intelligently design furniture pieces are something to look out for.

Instead of conventional furniture designs, one-bedroom apartments can save a bunch of space by incorporating foldable study units. These uber-functional furniture pieces can prove to be a great step towards blending utility with spaciousness.

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Maximise Light

The thumb rule when it comes to decorating small spaces is turning up the lights. spaces that are dominated by light naturally tend to look big, spacious and airy. To tweak the lighting situation you can try the most natural decor option – double curtains (thin ones to let in the sunlight and thicker, darker ones to keep the light out)

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You may also combine the dual-curtain hack with mirror decor, table lamps, ceiling lights, floor lamps, LED fixtures and many more contemporary illumination accessories that complement the style of the rest of your interiors.

 Size Matters!

There, we said it. Limited spaces can make it compelling to go for whatever-thatgoes with-the-rest-of-the-stuff; which is why we are advocates of thoroughly functional furniture pieces that are great at multi-tasking.

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When it comes to small spaces, a clutter of furniture pieces bought out of poor judgement & oddly sized structures hardly pleases the eyes.

Remember, even a handful of furniture pieces of the right size can transform you one- bedroom apartment design into a true treat to live in.

 Use Partitions Made From Natural Materials

Room separators can come in handy when home-owners demand for spaces that can be used for multiple purposes. Natural materials are currently a fabulous trend to incorporate in your one-bedroom smart design, and it looks like it is here to stay…

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A single piece of the right sized space-division made with one of the finest natural materials or even a can transform your small space into a smart and cosy haven. To know more about divisions made from natural materials, read our insights about dividing spaces in our article, Dividing Spaces with Natural Materials: 2020 Trend Highlight

Blend The Rustic with The Modern

Anyone will forget about the small space if they are distracted with a rustic vibrance in the form of a mural or a wall painting; even an exposed brick wall or a cinder block design. If you want to make the most of every inch of a one-bedroom apartment, bring in the of industrial interior design trend – a symbol for the organic, rustic beliefs and functional modern lifestyles in the industrial era.

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Choose Your Colours Well

If you are wondering what it is that will really make a difference, something that you just cannot take lightly when planning on interior decorating a one-bedroom apartment, this is your cue.

Colour Schemes have the reputation of being important contributors to design,
especially when the space is limited.

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It is an absolute delight to decorate a one-bedroom apartment with a play of light and shade using a variety of colour schemes starting from the warmer tones to cooler blues and deep greys. If you like deeper hues, you can always incorporate them in the form of a feature wall or an abstract wall covering.

There you go, designers! This was our series of top 7 design ideas to decorate a onebedroom apartment into a customised space for you with simple yet classy solutions.

Let us know in the comments section about the ideas that we have missed out on
which you think should’ve made it to this list.

Happy Designing!

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