With your new home all set to look as you dreamed off and everything in the kitchen waiting for your touch except the symbol of socialization missing- the dining table. With Christmas and New Year around the corner, a dining table or revamp of dining table is on everyone’s card. So with a magnificent season demanding the best use of dining table here are some of the tips to keep in mind for selecting the right dining table.

So here are the 5 tips for you to choose the right dining table.

Space and Measurement

When settling on a great table will be something to look out for, however, one needs to look at the space and measurement. Settling for a great will value for nothing if there’s no space to move around.

Numbers Matter

It’s important to know how people you cater to on the dining table. Expandable dining sets are available and with the right judgment, you can set the limit of people you need to be around.

Shape Matters

What shape of table are you looking for also matters? Round tables are great for a lot of reasons They are easier to fit in and play a catalyst role in socializing, gathering and pass food around. They also are easier to fit in small spaces thereby eliminating the need of going for a big size table to squeeze in 2-3 people and aren’t harmful to children since they don’t possess sharp and dangerous edges. However, one can also opt for square, octagonal and oval shapes depending on the size of the dining and how you allow the guests to interact.

Look out for the style

The style of the dining table has increased a lot over the years as they demand a style and elegance that complements the style of the house.

Various Style exists right from minimalistic to modern or sleek to complement the style or choice of yours.

Opting for the best material

Opting for the best material for your dining table is also a must as one looks for good maintenance and given the splurge you want to make to keep your table stylish. Table finishes like high gloss and matte offer a clean crisp look alongside a bright fresh modern feel whereas solid woof and frosted glass give a look of warmth and texture to your room alongside a feeling of tranquillity.

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