The kitchen is definitely the heart of the house, and no one can deny this universal fact. From waking up in the morning and heading straight up to your kitchen for your morning brew coffee to fulfilling your mid-night snack craving, the kitchen is the first thing you run into.

So, we’re taking you through the 5-steps guide to creating your perfect kitchen.

Follow the Kitchen’s golden triangle rule

It’s really important to keep in my that your cooking, cleaning, and storage area sits at three functional points forming a perfect triangle of work. This helps in easy movement please, gas stove, sink, and refrigerator, and categorizes the kitchen activities.

As this rule is not feasible for every kitchen space, you can tweak the elements a bit here and there to make it work for you according to the golden rule.

Demarcate areas

Separate areas such that you have all of your appliances next to each other, utensils near each other, and all of your ingredients together. This organization allows you avoid to mixing up things and helps you to waste less time looking for things where they shouldn’t be.

A beautifully lighted kitchen is important

A well-lit kitchen is very important while searching things or moving around. With a proper lit-up area, you can easily find dirt around, clean it and can work in a clean space. When picking out light fixtures, ensure you get ambient lights, task lights, and accent lights.

Ventilation is must

Would you like to work in a kitchen, where it’s all hot and least ventilated? While cooking, the smell of the food spreads all over the house, which sometimes is very problematic. Thus, having a good chimney is a must in every kitchen as it works wonders in keeping your kitchen free of smoke, odors, and grime.

Make it your own

Keep aside trends, Own your kitchen with your styling and aesthetics. Textures, walls, colours, etc. everything should match your personality, after all kitchen is the place where you’ll be spending maximum amount of time cooking for your loved ones.

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