5 Architectural Masterpieces From India – Celebrating Indian Design Identities

As we celebrate India’s Independence from the British Empire on 15 August 1947, our editorial team at IdeasScape decided to curate a list of 5 buildings – contemporary & others which play a key role in moulding India’s architecture & design.

With growing infrastructure, the following architectural sites have come to stand out more and more in modern times.

Here we have included a series of architectural masterpieces – from residential architecture to institutions & public spaces!

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Capitol Complex | Location: Chandigarh

Le Corbusier’s Capitol Complex in Chandigarh has been recognised as a World Heritage site by the UNESCO. Even though the structure in question doesn’t entirely participate in contemporary design, it is quite an astonishing one.

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The Capitol Complex comprises of three concrete structures –
Place of Assembly / Legislative Assembly
Designed with an open-plan interior design with suspended concrete pillars which open up to the beautiful view of the nearby Himalayan range
– The Secretariat
Largest among the three, The Secretariat is the headquarters to the Punjab & Haryana governments – a 250 meters long structure made from 80 storeys of concrete!
– The High Court
The law-interpreting monument-like structure flaunts a double-roof – an outward upper roof symbolising protection & justice, grand entrance designed by Le Corbusier.

Source : Architectural Digest India

Being among the first planned cities in India, Chandigarh, Jawaharlal Nehru commissioned Le Corbusier to design its largest project in the city.

In the design of Capitol Complex in Chandigarh, concrete was moulded in different shapes and sizes of intricate geometric patterns which were layer highlighted by paint.

Source : Wikipedia

Pearl Academy of Fashion | Location : Jaipur

Morphogenesis, an architecture firm from India designed the campus of the Pearl Academy of Fashion in Jaipur.

The said structure is a fantastic example of an architecture project that is a fusion of old school building formulas & modern functionality. And the cherry in the cake is that this design poses a brilliant implementation fo energy-conscious design.

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The entire building stands elevated from the ground level to facilitate a passive-cooling effect on the space. Furthermore, with its roots in an aesthetic based on the Rajasthani Motif, Jaali is used as a thermal skin between the buildings & the surroundings.

The architecture od Pearch Academy of Fashion also includes plenty of local stone & tiles in a modern context to provide ample daylight for classroom and workshop spaces; cutting down on the use of artificial light.

Source : CollegeDunia

Chattrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai

Did You Know: Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj Airport in Mumbai is inspired by a form of traditional Indan Pavilions.

The present airport of Mumbai celebrates its own uniquely global, fast-paced identity that borrows from the local history & culture. Perfect infrastructure for catering to the traditional Indian arrival welcome & departure rituals and the curbside drop-off traditions.  As we walk into the airport we are certain to notice a subtle integration of the regional patterns and textures, one coloum after another.

Source : DNA India

This architectural masterpiece is fully equipped and configured for easy management of domestic and international flights it is a four-storey terminal track designed by Skidmore, Owings and Merril (SOM) using the compartmentalising terminal functions; especially apt for the city due to their space-saving benefits.

Source : SOM

The British Council | Location : Delhi

Designed by a design wizard Chares Correa, The British Council in Delhi resembles three cultural identities – Hindu, Muslim & European, of the contemporary times in the country.

Source : ArchDaily

Correa puts together these highlight the qualities of a worldwide centre-space of the cultures mentioned above.

Loaded with murals, white makrana marble & black kuddapah stone, this building definitely contributes to expressing the value India brings to the world.

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Home Inspired from The Indian Landscape : Pali Hill,

Made from tearing down an existing house and exposing its bare architectural structure to nature, this house is designed by Studio Mumbai.

The main house rests inside layers of glass, wooden screens,

mini-gardens, floating staircases and curtains that provide multiple degrees of privacy from the city’s chaos.

The architects and designers used the element of lusciousness that one finds in the Indian landscape in curating an intimate residential design that is close to nature and human convenience.

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We hope we could stir a new-found love for exploring the milestones in the horizon of design and architecture on the Indian landscape.

Have any more wonderful architectural sites to add to the list? Write to us about them in the comments section below!

We hope we could stir a new-found love for exploring the milestones in the horizon of design and architecture on the Indian landscape.

Have any more wonderful architectural sites to add to the list? Write to us about them in the comments section below!

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