3 Interior Design Presentation Techniques to Help Sell Your Designs

Interior designer presentations are extremely important if you are an interior designer.

They allow you to easily explain and communicate your concepts and design process to your clients, allowing them to make an informed decision about their upcoming project.

Moreover, it’s the best way to outshine your competitors by offering your clients interior design presentations that will blow them away.

Further, we have discussed 3 main points that will help you sell your designs.


Also known as inspiration boards, is a convenient way to showcase your ideas to clients before getting into in-depth details.

And if you are worried about how much it will take? Well, you’ll be happy to know that it doesn’t take much time. But you need to note that, you must show multiple mood boards to the clients so that they can choose the one that interests them the most.

You can use free collage tools such as Canva, which is no doubt one of the best tools, to create mood boards conveniently.

Moreover, the way your client sees and understands your ideas is impacted by the layout of your mood board, so make sure it flows well and isn’t too cluttery.

Remember, this is the first time your client will be seeing your vision for their future space, so it’s an important element in your interior design presentation.

Hand-drawn sketches 

Let’s be honest with you on this point.

In the interior design industry, hand-drawn sketches are becoming less and less common, with advanced interior design rendering software taking their place (more on that later).

But Don’t be disappointed as hand-drawn sketches not dead yet. But note that it’s a great practice you are planning to offer your clients 3D rendering as well.

Here are the key benefits of Hand Drawn sketches that you must take note of.

  1. Quite impressive.
  2. Best for Demonstrating skill.
  3. The way hand sketches give attention to details.

You can also show your client a short sketch during your meeting if you want to hook them right away.

Don’t worry with this interior design presentation strategy if your drawing skills are at best mediocre. However, if you’re confident in your ability to create a fast sketch that will help sell your idea, there’s no harm in doing so.

3D renderings

Now here is how you seal the deal. And why are saying so?

A good 3D rendering of the space you’ve designed is needed for any interior design presentation.

While it takes longer than any other presentation process, it is well worth the effort to close the deal.

Renderings ensure that your clients have a realistic view of what their room would look like so that there is no confusion later on. Moreover, they help to save both, your time and frustration in the long run.

You’ll need advanced design software and the right skills to use it to its maximum capacity to create high-quality renderings.

Many companies offer interior design software training so that you can master the art of creating stunning designs and renderings.

Here are the top 5 Rendering Software in the Market you can choose from:

  1. Foyr Neo
  2. Autodesk Maya
  3. Octane Render
  4. Autodesk Revit
  5. Lumion 3D
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