10 Living Room Decor Tips for Book Lovers

Spaces must be manipulated to serve the needs of all clients, and book lovers are no exception…

From the grand library designs dedicating to an entire room for decorating themes that circle around books and reading, designers are looking carefully for new and innovative ways to decorate book-clad homes.

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Book lovers surely do take the philosopher Plato’s quote quite seriously – A house that has a library in it, has a soul.

Transforming your living room into a home-library has evolved to be a fantastic interior designing & decor trend for different types of home-owners – from the minds who run the academia to simply souls who love to read.

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Here’s a quick 10-pointer guide to everything you need to know about curating unique feature wall designs with modern as well as traditional nuances and tailor-made storage solutions for a grand collection of books…

Floor-to-Ceiling Shelvings

Investing in bookshelf for a book collection that reaches beyond the confines
of a coffee table?

Invest in tall bookshelves to create an accent wall.

Have extra time on your hands?
Sort them by colour to make a bold statement.

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Curate A Stack For The Coffee Table

A coffee table is incomplete without perfect pile of eye catching books.

This specially curated collection not only showcases your personality and
interests, but is also great conversation-starter & time-killer for guests to flip

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Choose Exclusive Furniture

Like any room in your home, much of the feeling and style of your library will be determined by the furniture you put in.

The most important part of enjoying your library isn’t the books—it’s the

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Build A Reading Corner

If you’re habitual to dozing off, away into the world of words, build a corner for reading.

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If you have the space, place a comfortable chair into your shelving area, trust us you will not regret it.

Give It An Artistic Touch

Add extra personality to any space by making sure you plant beautiful art in the room!

From paintings to abstract designs or print styles and mosaic vases – the right artwork makes every space speak for itself, just like in an art exhibition.

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Add Drama With A Pop of Colour

In your library space, it’s the pop of a vibrant red table that anchors the area and the colourful rug that enhances it.

Here’s a few colour suggestion to help you find your kind of pop :

Blue and Brown Color Scheme
Dramatic Green Walls
Pastel Coloured Book Shelves
Chaise Pink Sofa
Classic Black & White
Pink & Blue

Consider decorating your home library with vibrant furniture, rugs, fabrics that you are bound to fall in love with!

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Hide It All – Add A Curtain Divider

If your books are plenty but space is limited, you can separate the reading areas with a curtain. A simple, flows fabric can do wonders to facilitate a secret library or study area – one that can appear and disappear when you want!

Diagonal Shelving

Want to incorporate a modern shelving unit that’s both stylish and functional in your new home-library design?

Not many home-owners put much thought in bookshelves, but here’s a million-dollar worth of a shelving design – diagonal shelving.

These shelves are designed to be flat-packed for storage and have their roots in the geometrical Japanese Design. You can also create a diagonal shelving design of your own with different geometrical shapes.

 Throw In A Few Eye-Catching Accessories

Sometimes the best way to bring out the kind of books that are stacked up in your shelves is enhancing your walls with interesting accessories.

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With a couple of good curated art pieces and functional, quirky accessories you can get yourself a stylish place – your very own home library to enjoy a dip in the world of words!

 Don’t Forget The Lighting

A separate reading area is the perfect place for an illuminating light fixture designated specially for the purpose at hand. A cosy lounging spot for readers is typically flooded with plenty of light.

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If natural light isn’t an option, alternatives such as reading lamp, floor lamps, etc provides perfect amount of task lights!

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